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Welcome to the Greater Cincinnati Photographers Club - otherwise known as GCPC

GCPC is an ongoing experiment dedicated to photography, education, friendship and gifting.

People new to GCPC often assume that it’s a regular “Meetup group” as they’ve come to know them, a mostly passive experience where everything is planned, orchestrated and pre-packaged by people that want to hear themselves speak or want to sell something. Attendees just come and enjoy the show. In fact, the exact opposite is true here. The people who attend GCPC Meetups are no mere “attendees,” but rather active participants in every sense of the word: they create GCPC, the interaction, the art, the photos and ultimately the “experience.” Participation is at the very core of GCPC, and there are many ways to participate. Here are just a few to start with.

Every photographer is invited to lead. Every photographer is invited to learn.

Whether you want to photograph Cincinnati’s skyline at dawn or help someone you hardly know clean their sensor, you can be a leader at GCPC.

Would you like to lead a photo walk through Covington or Cincinnati? Suggest a Meetup.
Would you like to help fellow photographers master Lightroom? Suggest a Meetup.
Want to wander through Krohn Conservatory with other photographers? Suggest a Meetup.

►►Once YOU suggest a Meetup, all you need is two more people to RSVP "yes" and then it becomes official and YOU are the Host! The creative possibilities are endless!

Reach inside yourself and figure out that part of you that can be shared with other photographers around you. Self-expression arises from the unique photographic gifts of the individual photographer. It is offered as a gift to other photographers. The value of a gift is unconditional. Gifting does not contemplate a return or an exchange for something of equal value. It is offered as a gift to other photographers.

“Us” is cooperative and uniting.
“They” is passive.
“Us” is user-generated content (UGC).
“They” are "gatekeepers".

Make Something. YOU are GCPC. Create a Meetup. Start a message thread. Create a new photo album. Get Inspired.

►The only way to avoid having fun is to bring nothing of yourself to GCPC◄

We look forward to seeing you on the other side!

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