I need to find someone who knows about bees. Bees are in a wall I am removing and I don't want to kill them. Can anyone help?

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    • We had a hive in a hollow tree in our back yard. As the drought got mean, so did the bees... beekeepers can get them out of many things and can move them. But From a hollow tree, it became an “us vs them” issue, ... as we could find no bee keepers who could/would help... and my then wife was extremely allergic. Had to make a hard choice and hire an exterminator.

      Would I do it again? Hmmm🤨

      8 months ago
        • So sorry. So sad. I now have a large list of beekeepers who would help in a similar situation.

          8 months ago
            • A wonderful bee keeper, registered by the state, came out and re-homed a hive located in my house. He did an excellent job, both removing the hive and repairing the area he had to cut out to reach the hive.

              8 months ago