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What we’re about

We are a community of men in the Green Bay area who seek a deeper connection to truth, integrity, and purpose by pursuing positive change and transformation through personal growth.  We are helping to develop the emotionally mature, accountable and insightful male role models that our communities so desperately need.

This is your opportunity to sit in a Circle of men and share in the ages old custom of men speaking their honest truths.  Whatever struggles you have, you are not alone.  The joy, fear and hurt you want to share, men will listen.  Learn to trust yourself and other men!

Our Circles of Men offer honest, open discussion, peer mentorship and confidential support to help men grow toward a full expression of their healthy masculinity.  Whatever stops you from living an authentic life, men are here to support you and yes perhaps challenge you.  Ask for what you want!

All men, 18 years or older, are welcome.  Participation in the Circle is voluntary though encouraged, confidentiality is paramount.  Is it time to take the first steps toward connection and well-being?

The Mankind Project is a global, non-political, non-religious and non-judgemental community of men who are trying to make a difference, come see if our Circles are right for you.

For more information about the Mankind Project please check out To find our more about the ManKind Project's 'New Warrior Training Adventure', please visit

Take The Risk, Get The Reward.