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Bi-weekly meeting - Topic TBA
Discussion Topic TBA General discussion topics: • What are plant medicine ceremonies? What can they do for you? • How to participate in a plant medicine ceremony • Integration of plant medicine ceremonies

Kavarna Coffeehouse

143 N Broadway · Green Bay, WI

What we're about

A place for plant medicine people to get together, talk about their experiences, and support each other. There are many plant medicines in the world but sacred plant medicines are quite unique. By plant medicines, we mean entheogenic plants. Plants that induce spiritual experiences. These kinds of plants have been used for thousands of years in indigenous cultures. Here at this meetup, we're particularly fond of Ayahuasca for it's profound healing and tranformative properties.

Topics we often discuss at this meetup:

• Plant medicines/teachers (Ayahuasca, San Pedro, cannabis)

• Shamans and plant medicine ceremonies

• Integration of spiritual experiences

• Energy work and healing, Yoga, Tantra, Reiki

This meetup is not for people who like to use plant medicines to party. Please recognize the laws concerning some of the plants that have entheogenic uses. We do not condone illegal activities during meetups. Don't join just to find a "hookup". If that is your sole purpose for joining, you will be removed from the group.

I recommend informing yourself a bit before coming to the meetup. Here are a few sources of info to help you get started:

Truth of Reality ( - a pretty good documentary about shamans and Ayahuasca ( - an alternative news website focusing on plant medicines ( - an excellent podcast with 100's of podcasts on various topics related to plant medicines.

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