Changing the Language of Polished Concrete

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Changing the Language of Polished Concrete; Succeeding at Architecturally Exposed Structural Concrete (AESC)

Accurately articulating polished concrete’s structure, form, and esthetics is crucial to success, yet not enough members of the project team are fluent in the material’s language. Design professionals and contractors speak differently about polished concrete.

This event helps participants critique current practices for modern polished concrete construction and evaluate its impact on our planet with an overview of carbon emission rates and related environmental impact. It also describes new polishing curing technologies and explains their real-world applications in construction, as well as how their implementation has affected material consumption, facility maintenance and initial construction costs. Participation helps overcome language obstacles between designer and constructor and promotes best design practices to successfully produce polished concrete assemblies that have a smaller economic, material and carbon footprint.

Presentation by Chris Bennett, CSI.

Thursday 31 January 2019, 5:30 to 7:30 PM

Rogue Eastside Barrel Room
928 SE 9th Avenue
Portland, OR 97214

Price: $10. Discounts and fees may apply.

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