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Let's meet together and learn more about creating a home living environment that will benefit us and the planet. I will be organizing meetups and events every two months with incredible guest speakers that will rock your organic socks off.

My vision is supporting sustainable living and environmental ecological consciousness. Ideally I would like for all of us to live in a world where the environment doesn't need protecting.

A little inside info about me: I've always felt mother earth. What I mean is that I feel wounded when I see our home being assaulted and violated. Visions of oil covered sea birds, clear cut living and breathing forests, ecosystems that are riddled with toxins and carcinogens, poisoned waters and hunted large beasts saddens me deeply. The pain and sorrow brings me to places of anger and frustration.

I feel it's always been my life's purpose to follow a path of eco consciousness. I am naturally attracted to it. I live it and encourage others to do so as well. It's my authenticity that brings me to this place of sharing my ideas and knowledge and for all of us to prosper in an eco-integrated, healthy lifestyle.

Jennifer Lynn Walker

Great to meet you!!!!

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