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Green Tea Meditation is easy-to-learn and a quick way to add meditation to your life!  Green Tea Meditation addresses Health, Love, Desire, and Forgiveness.  It releases  worry and anxiety.  It quiets all the stressful chatter going inside of us.  All forms of meditation will put you in better control of your life.

Meditation, simply stated, means "to become familiar with." It connects you to awareness and gratitude. Meditation helps move us away from judgement of others.  It helps move us closer to acceptance and admiration of others.  And best of all, meditation opens self-love in a humble manner.

Meditation has transformed my life.  I can easily let go of worries that use to eat at me. I can see past "appearances"  and rest assured everything will turn out for the good.  I developed Green Tea Meditation  while in a deep meditation.  A message was placed on my heart that I was to share with others the simple secrets I had learned over the past thirty years.  From that day I continued to receive ideas how to teach meditation as an easy, powerful approach to peace.  Developing this program unfolded without fuss or stress and Green Tea Meditation was born.  Situations and events continued to line up to make this program available to the public..... I like to say, "Divine Intervention took over."

Have you ever heard the expression,  Belief is what your life becomes?  Perhaps you have heard the old adage, "If you believe it, you can achieve it."  Guess what?  "It's true and it applies to Everything!!"   Yes!   It applies to your health, it applies to your love.  It even applies to your bank account.  It is not your brain creating your life.....   You create your life from your heart; it's what you feel.

Did you know your heart has memory?   Ahh, but I digress.......that's another subject.

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Debbie D'Aquino is an Amazon #1 Bestselling Author, a Certified Business Coach, Dance Instructor, and Happiness Injector!  She became certified in Yoga & Meditation instruction in 1977 and has studied Metaphysics more than 30 years.  Debbie recognizes the need to quiet the mind and body to gain deeper connection to your inner wisdom. Understanding your deep connection as Co-Creator of your life is a Gift for life.


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