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End of Year Green Drinks - Sustain your Purpose

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Ben W. and Luke P.


It’s the end of the year, so as well as celebrating the year gone, and the year ahead, it also seems fitting to take time for some reflection on Purpose.

As well as the usual mingling and inspired conversations, we’ve invited some talented passionate people to share (and in some case sing!) their purpose, how they found it, what it means, and what they do to sustain it.

• Matt Wicking ( The General Assembly (

• Sally Hill & Yvonne Lee (Wildwon ( / (

• Craig Davis - (Sendle ( / Conscious Capitalism Aus (

Speaker Details:

Matt Wicking - Living My Purpose

Matt is a creative force for change. A facilitator, singer, freelance environmentalist and sustainability leader, he’s worked with people in all sectors – business, government, the arts, education and more – helping to make good stuff happen. Last year Matt was the Greenie-in-Residence at Arts House, where he helped a group of progressive arts organisations build sustainability into their practice. Matt is also the lead singer for the band The General Assembly ( - a voice for the modern lost-soul, lamenting our broken world.

Craig Davis - Happy business? Pull the other one!

Co-founder and CMO at Sendle, a software company disrupting Australia Post in parcel delivery. Before that, 25 years in the advertising industry working here, Asia and London. Businesses owner x 5 - a couple of successes and countless failures. Adjunct Professor at UTS. Served on the Boards of Advance, Conscious Capitalism Australia, The Communications Council and the Creative Industries Taskforce, all of which makes Craig’s mum very proud.

“If you want to build a happy, healthy business nothing matters more than your purpose. McKinsey say it’s a 5 X factor. What’s the difference you’re trying to make in the world? I'll talk about what I've learned about purpose from starting my own businesses, working with big corporates, and Conscious Capitalism, and why we're taking it to heart in my new venture - Sendle.”

Sally Hill & Yvonne Lee - The importance of a higher Purpose

The Creative and Strategic dynamic duo behind Wildwon - a positive business and certified Benefit Corporation committed to helping other positive enterprises thrive by building ideas, communities and reputations through events. The Wildwon team are currently putting the finishing touches to their next project ( a mini-conf for purpose-driven leaders exploring B Corp, social enterprise, conscious capitalism and purpose-driven business communities.

35 Henderson Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015, Corner of Garden Street · Sydney