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Food is a right, not a privilege. Food Not Bombs is a community program that uses donations of food to from local grocery stores to prepare a free community meal. The food otherwise would have been thrown out by the stores, illustrating the problems of relying on a purely market-based model to distribute resources within our communities.

We cook from 1pm to 4pm every Monday at the Interactive Resource Center ( 407 East Washington... St., Downtown) and serve food and clean from 4:30pm to 6:30pm. We get regular, weekly donations from various local grocery stores and typically, between 40 - 70 people come to eat. Then we clean. FNB ALWAYS NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT AND HELPING HANDS. This is solidarity, not charity, so please remember to keep your privileges and assumptions in check. Everyone is welcome to cook, eat, and clean with us! gsofoodnotbombs@gmail.com

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