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Greensboro Meditators practice a simple meditation technique designed to help participants invert their attention and connect with their inner source. This technique of Jyoti Meditation is not yoga, involves no postures or breath control, and can be practiced by people of all ages, physical conditions, and faiths. Meditation has many practical benefits and can help reduce stress-related illnesses and improve our concentration for efficiency in educational or professional endeavors. In meditation, we withdraw our attention from the senses and the world around us by silently repeating a phrase that we associate with peace. This allows us to gradually release thoughts of the past and the future so that we exist in the present moment and connect with a source of inner power. Please join us if you are interested in meditation.

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Let's all meet, meditate and fine tune our meditation practice together.

In the meditation class, we will learn a simple yet very effective meditation technique which will help bring more peace into our lives. We will learn about the spiritual journey of the soul. We will meditate together and discuss some ways in which we can make our meditation practice more effective. For those who are interested, there will be a Satsang or spiritual meeting at 10:45 after the class. The topic will be "Nonviolence".

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