What we're about

This community/Meetup is set up for local web designers and front-end developers in the Greenville, North Carolina area. This is a group that would share interest in:


• Javascript


• Mobile Development

• Etc

With new techniques coming out every day, it would be great to have a local group to bounce ideas, projects, techniques/how-to's off of, and to just be able to geek out over a beer with like minded hobbyists/professionals.

Right now we plan on meeting once a month to network, share ideas, techniques, projects, and to have an educational presentation. All in all, we plan to have a great conversation with people who share the same passion.

Whether you are just starting out as a hobbyist or you are a professional - you are encouraged to join.

Past events (5)

Hackathon: 12hr Challenge

eAudit Dev Office

Next Meetup - Favorite Tools Review

eAudit Dev Office

Next Meetup - Discussion at Winslows

Winslow's Tavern, Market & Deli

Next Meetup - eAudit Tour, Sails.js and Tagshare.io

Needs a location

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