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Were you THERE when Star Wars first came out?

Do you remember the *original* Battle Star Galactica?

Did you ever have a Commodore 64 or a Game Boy? (Do you still have it?)

Do you still have your physics textbook from 1985?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then consider yourself a member! GREENVILLE OLD GEEKS (GOG!) Where we're only "old" chronologically. Come meet up with like minded science and/or fantasy buffs who grew up in the 80s, 70s, or even 60s and earlier. Share life experiences and interests with people who actually understand such things. We'll meet monthly, usually each meeting will be around a theme so we actually have something to talk about.

Themes may include:

- Future Tech, or "My God, what have we DONE??"

- My love affair with Harry Potter. I was reading the books BEFORE anyone knew how to pronounce "Hermione"

- My Other Passion. Being a geek just isn't enough. What are your other passions?

- Stupid Smart Phone Tricks. Or, "my iPhone/Android/Blackberry/etc. is cooler than yours"

- Bring your playlist. In spite of Newton's objections, music really does make the world go 'round.

- Favorite geek embarrassment/adventure. Share a geeky story from your life.

- My favorite current TV series / movie. (Can you say "Joss Whedon"? OK. Now can you say it without squealing it?)

- KIDS these days! Or, how I wish I was one...

- YouTube party. Bring a link, we'll show it on the big screen. In all its low-res glory.

- The econopocalypse. What caused it, how to fix it. Bring your parents for some real-world depression era tips!


"What happens at these meetings?" We EAT, mostly. Ever see a thin old-geek? If you have, it wasn't because he or she was eating right! But not just inappropriate starches. We're older now, so we enjoy creatively GOOD food! Come and see!

"What if I'm not "geeky" enough? I used to be into all this, but with the kids, the job, and real world interruptions, I just haven't kept up."

Listen to yourself! You're actually WORRIED that you aren't GEEKY enough? Like this is a PROBLEM?? Seriously, you're amongst friends here. No one can keep up with this incredible world spinning about us, and half of what these meetings are about is bringing EACH OTHER up to date on the latest gee-gaws and hoo-rahs out there. Geeks love to learn, and to share.

"I'm not old enough...". Join in anyway! We always love to hear what the "next generation" has to say.

"What if I don't have anything interesting to contribute?" Don't worry, I have back up plans in case the conversation putters out. In other words, yes ... I have ways of making geeks talk!

"Oh no! I have a scheduling conflict!". Well CHANGE IT then. Look, we're all geeks, so we all KNOW we have social interaction issues. No excuses!! Don't pass up this opportunity for a uniquely fun evening.... Just tell your parents you'll have to miss that dinner because you're meeting with friends. They might even believe you.

"Spouses invited?" Of course! And their eyes shall be opened. "Can I bring kids?". We're all kids here! Sure, bring 'em! Just keep them off my lawn!

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