What we're about

The point of this group is to have thought-provoking discussions about themes and questions in political philosophy, economic science, political ethics, and sometimes history. It will not be about annoying petty day-to-day politics, but instead fundamental principles of political philosophy and economics.

We’ll meet once per month with an open and public event on some particular topic. The events will be at Growler Haus, Village of West Greenville, which is a tap-house. They have some good food, too. I'll first give a presentation on the topic and some arguments concerning it, or we’ll watch a video or lecture. Then, after the presentation is over, all attendees can discuss it informally with those around them, over some beers. It seems to me a good tradition to talk of such matters over beers. There’s something beautiful about it. So, come and join us.

Full disclosure: I'm not a conservative or a leftist. I'm a libertarian, so that's where I'm coming from. But, you don't have to be. All are welcome, including diverse viewpoints. Feel free to express disagreement, though with thoughtful reasoning.

Past events (7)

Does Democracy Legitimize Government Authority?

Growler Haus Village of West Greenville

Is Belief in Political Authority a Psychological Illusion?

Growler Haus Village of West Greenville

Do the Poor Need Government Schooling? No.

Growler Haus Village of West Greenville

Unsavory Historical Origins of Government (Public) Schooling

Growler Haus Village of West Greenville

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