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Ancestral Clearing & Releasing Childhood Trauma - Group Session
If you are experiencing chronic pain in your body, or disappointing patterns in your life or relationships, this event is for you... If Law of Attraction isn't working effortlessly for you, if your Life isn't working effortlessly for you, this event is for you! The burdens and trauma that we carry from womb, early childhood, past lives, and through our ancestry (as being shown through the study of epigenetics) energetically create dissonance in our thought patterns, emotions, and energy body. These burdens or traumas show up show up in many ways including fear, insomnia, anxiety, alcoholism (and other addictions), attracting narcissist relationships and other abuse patterns, having difficulty making money, trouble keeping a job or a love partner, even disease and pain in the body and much more! Clearing the dissonance of energies will lighten your thoughts, your soul, and body! These changes in your frequency naturally attract and maintain healthier experiences, healthier relationships and a healthier YOU! The energetics of these Ancestral Clearings utilizes a Holistic Alchemy with the body, the emotional body, and the energetic field, to clear trapped emotions, trapped negative beliefs, and trapped behavioral patterns; any and all of these could have been carried over from your parents through generations of your lineage, carried over from traumatic events in your past lives, trauma in the womb, and even events occurring pre-body... Wild, right?! I have personally experienced amazing shifts. I have had clients experience memories from past lives, memories of their parents fearful of the pregnancy while they were in the womb, memories post-mortem, and many more... releasing these burdens and traumas have dramatically shifted their lives. This Group Session is offered by Love Donation. To Book Private Sessions : Ariana (864)[masked] Private Sessions $85 / hour Ancestral Clearing with Body Energy Clearing $125 / hour Testimonials: I tried to make myself eat candy bars, but after the session, my sugar cravings are gone. I lost 5 pounds in two weeks without even trying! -G.B. I have had pain in my Left breast for 8 years, and after the session it has been pain free. -L.S. My co-workers are asking me what's going on... They say I look different and act different. I feel lighter and brighter. I am so happy, and more confident. Thank you! I believe in energy work now. This is amazing! -C The last thunderstorm we had I did not feel as anxious... it's so weird! I have been afraid of thunderstorms for years. - H.G. I don't know what you did to my foot, but it doesn't feel like my foot! I have been walking in pain for YEARS... and it's gone! Totally Gone... it's like it's not even my foot. -B.P.

Pelham Road Library

1508 Pelham Road · Greenville

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