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What we’re about

A group for gamers living and working around the South-East London area. We host a number of weekly events across each month at The Blackheath Newbridge Club.

Weekday Evening Gaming @ The Blackheath Newbridge Club. - alternating Tuesday/Wednesday evenings (19:00 – 22:30).

Saturday Afternoon Gaming @ various venues - final Saturday in the month (13:00 – 23:30). Sunday Afternoon Gaming @ Meantime Brewery (Greenwich) - 2 weekends after each Saturday event (12:00 19:00). These Meetups gives us a chance to meet & play games across an extended period, and perhaps bring out some of the more in-depth titles that may not be suited to a weekday evening.


So what games do we tend to play? As a group, we have a vast array of board & card games. These are kindly brought along by our group members to each of our organised events. People are free to pick and choose what they prefer to play on the night or talk in advance via the message board.

Our scope is quite varied in that we play, anything from the 'lighter' games/classics like 'Ticket to Ride', 'Carcassonne', 'Settlers of Catan', 'Dominion'; on to the 'heavier' end of the spectrum such as 'Battlestar Galactica', 'Dead of Winter', 'Viticulture', 'Orléans'... To fill the time, we also like to crack open a few lighter/party games such as 'Codenames', 'Love Letter', 'Sushi Go!' to name but a few.

We are a friendly bunch, who recognise that with any growing hobby, there are plenty of people out there that want to take part, and are of differing levels of experience. Why not sign up and drop by to one, or as many evenings as you can attend.

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