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Screenplay readings and loglines are the order of the day. All we need is you.
We like to kick off with a few elevator pitches - but usually table readings and loglines are the order of the day. We will also find time to kick around story ideas and if anybody has put together a beat sheet that needs a good perusal, then the evening will have been well spent. If you are new to the group - please understand that we are a warm, friendly crowd that believe in positive and constructive feedback. Good ideas, good writing and good storytelling - inevitably get better when perused with good companions.

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What we're about

The Greenwich Screenwriters Group - is a creative writing support group aimed at developing writing skills for that most difficult and brutal arena of writing - SCREENWRITING.

We are interested in people who want to write for the film and television industry - or simply enjoy the challenge of writing as a hobby. Please do not join this group if you are simply interested in the cinema and want to meet up for a social chit chat. This GROUP is all about writing and reading screenplays and developing key associated writing skills - like defining the perfect log-line - and developing stories that hold water and have a fighting chance in the international screenwriting competitions that this group will be writing for.

Other than writers - we would love to see thespian types who enjoy the challenge of reading screenplays around a table and joining in the following discussion sessions. And remember - the only way to develop a screenplay and grow as a writer - is to be able listen to what your story and dialogue sound like when rolled around the mouths of others. It is also about being able to take on the chin constructive criticism - and the UNDERSTANDING - that sometimes a story idea or screenplay is a dead dog and that it is important to be able to move on and develop fresh ideas.

We will also be looking at developing polished short screenplays for the short film industry - which on an amateur and professional level is thriving in the UK and gives the amateur screenwriter the greatest chance of getting something made.

As the group grows - I will hold sessions on software, associated literature, up-and-coming writing competitions and forums where you can park a polished screenplay, so that can be accessed by producers and agents. None of which is cheap: - so you need to get it right. I will also introduce you to professional writers and the occasional director - so that the group can enjoy talks from both amateur filmmakers and industry professionals and thus gain a greater understanding of this most bitter sweet sphere of writing - that is both wonderfully challenging and fulfilling - and equally - horribly, horribly frustrating.

Still interested - then this group will be a perfect outfit to join and become a blessed band of writing brothers and sisters.

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