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13th meeting

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Peter H.


• subject #1 : Deploy machine learning model into web app. Speaker : Peter HIRT

• subject #2 :

Interactive topic modeling with LDA. Speaker : Quentin PLEPLE

• excerpt to subject #1: On the example of a (relatively simple) ML algorithm for House Price predictions, the methods on how to use the model in a web app to predict house prices is shown. The ML part is done in Python, the model is deployed to Amazon Web Services on a S3 instance while the actual webapp is done in AngularJS on the FE and a on Apache on the BE.

• excert to subject #2:

Topics discovered by the latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA) method are sometimes not meaningful for humans. To improve the quality of topics presented to end-users, our novel method allows the user to give live feedback on the topics, and allows the inference algorithm to use that feedback to guide the LDA parameter search

l'IAE de Grenoble, 525 avenue centrale, St Martin d'Hères. · Grenoble
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