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Broken hearts come from more than just loss of life. Divorce. Loss of finances. Moving. Marriage. Relationship breakup. Change in careers. Trauma. Stress. Loss of safety. Loss of identity. And the list goes on.

We do many things to numb, suppress or self medicate our pain. Keeping busy. Alcohol. Drugs. Oversleeping. Food. Social media. Netflix. Sex. And the list goes on.

When triggers happen we tend to isolate. Sometimes we get angry. Have panic attacks or anxiety. Health conditions surface. And the list goes on.

If any of this sounds familiar to you then join me on December 7-8 to learn the effective tools to get through your grief and experience joy and believe in hope again.

Give yourself the gift of healing this holiday season.

Email me at darlene@darlenegarcia.org for pricing and more info.

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