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Let's find Inner Peace and fight Anxiety
Welcome to the Inner Peace Support Group Do you miss your once joyful and calm Self? Do you find it difficult to stop ruminating over the same negative thoughts? Do you want to see the change happening even within the first 3 months? Do you need to find balance in your life? Life nowadays can be extremely stressful. This is the reason why people feel unable to cope even with everyday activities. For example, You cannot focus at work Sleeping well/enough is a challenge. You are easily irritated. You have lost the connection with your loved ones. Anxiety paired with negative intrusive thoughts are able to disarm you and make it impossible to find a way out. You are not alone. Men and women of all ages meet and support together in this journey. The goal of this support group is to connect all of you who feel overwhelmed with the stressful lifestyle and you are looking for a way to reach your, so called, “ Inner Peace”. People who are struggling with anxiety, panic attacks, perfectionism, depressive thoughts and hopelessness meet together twice a month and they share their own deepest fears and struggles within a safe, positive and non-judgemental environment. But it is not only that. In this group you will be able to learn useful tools and techniques which will help you understand your feelings and change your negative thoughts into motivation for a more balanced way of living. This is not therapy. There is no diagnoses neither treatment. However, there is trust and safety among the members of the group which will lead into the creation of a team which will be there for you in your challenging moments. Inner peace is a powerful and valuable gift. Nonetheless, it is not for granted. It’s the only state of mind which makes us open to experiences like real love and joy. Life becomes easier and our world flows in more supportive ways than we can imagine. Acceptance of our feelings and thoughts dissolves our constant inner struggle and leads us to a more peaceful path where we have the power to change and evolve. Everyone is welcome to join us in this journey! Please bring only your concerns, questions, open minds and warm hearts and we will make sure that they will be just enough to accompany you through the road of change. In order to reserve your place, send us an email to [masked] otherwise we cannot guarantee your reservation. Kind regards, Vassia Sarantopoulou Counselor-Psychologist


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What we're about

After the loss of a parent, your everyday life is utterly changed and the pain you feel is a deep grief which makes everything so difficult to cope with.

In our culture we rush to put a lid on emotions and the natural process that needs to happen to deal with loss and grief.

But we can't skip emotional steps! Just burying the feelings will not help us deal with the loss, save the memories of our beloved person, live authentically, or move forward with real freedom. In a culture that often avoids talking about loss, support groups give you the opportunity to share your story openly and guilt-free.

We all need a support system to help us as we move through our grief journey. While family and friends are vital, they cannot always support us, either because they are struggling to deal with their own grief, or because they simply don’t “get” it. That is where support groups can become a valuable resource.

It is proved that people who have participated in our group for a few months have felt more in peace with the (painful) grieving process, less lonely, more connected with others and belonging to a group, and they have admitted that they can cope better with their daily life.

We form groups where people can come and share all these painful emotions and get support from peers who have gone through similar experience. Our counselor holds the scientific background to support us through such an overwhelming experience.

In our groups, you can find:
-Emotional support in a safe and non-judgmental environment.
-Understanding from others who have experienced a similar loss.
-The opportunity to begin the healing process through sharing your own story and hearing the stories of others.
-Coping skills to help you through the most difficult days of your grief journey.
-The opportunity to discover new “routines” and ideas to keep loved ones present in your hearts and in your memories.
-Increased understanding of how others react to loss and how to help them support you better.
-Permission to grieve and permission to live a happy productive life.

Some of the topics we go through are:
-Stages of grief
-Managing flashbacks
-Going through the "year of first's" (first Christmas, first holidays, first birthday, etc)
-Troubled sleep
-Meaningful rituals
-Dealing with depression
-Handling holidays
-Dealing with the possessions of the loved one
-Reinvesting life
-Failing to grieve
​-Complicated grief
-Daily demands At our meetings we provide positive support in a NON-JUDGMENTAL setting where each member has a chance to discuss the evening's topic or any issue that is relevant to his/her situation.

DO NOT FORGET: While death is the end of a relationship, it also provides the opportunity for re-evaluating life and your relationships.

Bring only your concerns, questions, open minds and warm hearts!

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