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This meetup is for the people for people grieving a loss during the holidays, for the people who feel like putting up lights and decorating is a mechanical chore, who feel lost and alone at the holiday parties, who beat themselves up for not being able to celebrate the way others around them are celebrating.

This may be the first year without a loved one (spouse, partner, child, sibling, best friend) by your side. Or maybe there was a death three years ago, and others think that you should have moved on, and on the outside you have, but inside, there is still grief. Or maybe the loss was nine years ago, but this was his favorite holiday, and you dread the memories of lighting the candles or putting up the tree without him.

And maybe the details just don’t matter: the rest of society is joyful and making merry, and you’re wondering how you are ever going to make it to January.

Come meet others who are having a hard time celebrating the season because of loss; learn practical skills to manage your grief through the holidays.

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Grieving Through the Holidays

Jonathan Kirkendall


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