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Q: So what the heck is this Grillers Anonymous thing?
A: Grillers Anonymous is a not for profit society of gentlemen grillers dedicated to the advancement and enjoyment of grilling, BBQ and beer. The mission is to encourage fellowship and camaraderie among fellow grilling enthusiasts. So what the hell is this Grillers Anonymous? In 2009 a group of friends were looking for a reason to hang out, reconnect and to satisfy the primal need to yell, curse, drink beer, grill meat and otherwise act immature. And so this men's only grilling club was born. The group originated as "Suburban Beer League" which was co-ed, and we then realized this thing was better suited for guys only. We hooked up with a well known Chicago based grilling club as one of their chapters. Then in 2011, we set out on our own and changed the name to Grillers Anonymous.

Over the last few years membership has steadily grown as people have found out about this grilling phenomenon. But some things have not changed. Month in and month out a great time is had by all and the recipes keep getting more amazing. Every month we crown a "Grill Champion" for the best voted recipe.

Whether you are a Grill Champion or if microwaving is your highest level of culinary mastery, there is a place here for you.

Fear not ladies, there is a an opportunity to particpate as well. While the monthly Meatings are guys only, keep your eyes peeled for our bar based events which are co-ed..

Q: What do I bring?
A: Bring yourself, a six pack of your favorite beer, your favorite meat to grill (enough for 5-6 servings), and some loose fitting clothes to make room for all this food!
Q: Where are Meatings held?
A: Meatings are normally held at a member’s house on a monthly basis. The day of the week depends, but usually Saturdays or Sundays. We are looking for volunteers to host, it doesn’t take much other than a grill and room for some guests. We just ask that you've attended at least one meating so you understand what is to be expected.
Q: Is Grillers Anonymous really men only?
A: Though, the monthly meatings are guys only, but we will have periodic bar based events for the X and Y chromosomes to mix.
Q: Does it cost anything to join Grillers Anoynmous?
A: No it does not. There are T-shirts and other merchandise for sale that help fund some of the expenses that the chapter has I.e. the Website, Charity Events, this meetup site, etc.
Q: What are the rules of Grillers Anonymous?
A: These are the official rules of Grillers Anonymous:

· Grillers Anonymous Meatings are for male attendees only. Events are coed.

· For first timers, store bought bratwursts and other unmodified meats will be tolerated. After that be prepared to be ridiculed, tortured, and possibly stoned.

· Bring enough Meat & Beer to share with others. Unless you hit it with your car or something. In that case, it's all yours buddy! (Proper portions to bring is a 6 or 12 pack of beer and 8-10 servings of a meat dish)

· All dishes must have a meat component, fruits & vegetables are only acceptable as a part of a meat dish and/or when wrapped in bacon

· Chips are ok, but this isn't a F*@king picnic, leave the potato salad at home

· We grill all year round, neither rain, nor snow, nor toads falling from the sky will keep us from grilling; dress appropriately

· For the safety of everyone, please aim beerfarts away from the flames

· All hopeful members must have a sponsor who is an active member. If you do not have a sponsor, you may still participate however you may be asked to do a stupid human trick, such as juggling cats, balancing stuff on your nose, or attempt to capture an alligator with your bare hands.

· Nicknames must be given to you and approved by the executive council. However, terms of endearment such as "moron", "idiot", and "your momma's mistake" may be used at any time.

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