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Technological activities, including 3d printers, Laser cutting, Pi and Arduino.
URGENT MESSAGE: Please do not join unless you live within reasonable travelling distance and intend to come to meetings. You can of course still attend even if you are not a member. However, being a member makes it easier to be kept in touch and let us know whether you can attend. WHAT WE DO: There are now five members who are actively learning how to construct projects based on either the Arduino Micro-controller or the Raspberry Pi micro-computer. We have a growing range of completed projects which we can demonstrate such as various spectacular LED Neo-pixel rings and arrays. James has constructed an amazing 518 cube which flashes in a range of patterns, an ultrasonic range meter and a Geiger Counter. The last two can be brought to meetings on request. We can help with any traditional computer project, but of course most of our electronics projects have a computer at their core. We are always trying out new ideas and constructing new projects which include networking the Arduino, using it for controlling growing systems (An Aquaponic system is now being planned) and using various wi-fi based projects using the ESP8266 module. Our 3d printer has racked up over 400 hours of running now and has printed out most of the parts for the human-sized "Inmoov" robotic torso.

Unit 5, diagonally opposite the Honest Lawyer pub

Granville Street (next to Garage) · Grimsby

What we're about

Beginners, intermediate or advanced amateurs welcome, as well as citizen scientists, if there are any more in this area. We have constructed three RH Electronics Geiger Counter modules and one is on-line 24/7 on . Two more will be on-line soon.
This meetup would suit hackers, hobbyists, artists, designers, engineers, AE enthusiasts, electronics enthusiasts including Arduino and Raspberry Pie, model-makers, music experimenters, model makers, 3D printer operators, light display photographers etc. For electronic enthusiasts, a collection of Arduinos and various electronic components will be available to work with, or bring your own.

Recent activities have included 3D printer setting up, generator construction, skate board electric power conversion, use of the new ESP8266 £2 Wi-Fi module, Raspberry Pi and Arduino activities, quad-copter flying, classic instrument repair, use of the Occulus Rift 3D virtual reality device and Google Cardboard, constructing a bilge warning alarm which sends texts if the boat is dangerously full of water etc.

We will have several floor-running robots as well as a collection of home-made devices such as Geiger counters, light wands and LED rings. We will have mid-tech stuff like home-made wood gas camping stoves. One of our members is in the process of making a wood-burning stove out of a gas bottle and has made a solar hot air device out of cans. We welcome anyone who would like to bring their own devices along to show the rest of us. A solar shed has been constructed which has an extension into the house!

We would like to include woodwork and metalwork too. A couple of workbenches are available and some basic hand tools. We have a wood-turning lathe and large pillar drill as well as various power tools.

There is the "Community Roots" garden next door which some members assist with.

We are lucky to have the use of this space free of charge and would like to include some weekday use too. If members wish, a possibility would be to rent our own TechSpace so it could be available every day.

We have a fair amount of space for projects , but so far, very little storage space, so most equipment and tools have to be brought for each meeting.

We need you to come along and tell us what you want out of this group, so we can attempt to provide it.

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