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This meetup is free to all individuals seeking to play Organized Card, Role-Playing and miniature games at Gritty Goblin Games. Individuals are free to use the site for get-togethers at our game store as long as there is space.

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Ravnica Weekend D&D: A Zib for Your Thoughts

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This adventure is part of the second Ravnica Weekend, a celebration of all things Ravnica. The adventure takes place a few weeks after the events depicted in Krenko’s Way, an adventure featured at the first Ravnica Weekend and available as the introductory adventure in Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica. Prior knowledge of that adventure is not necessary to enjoy A Zib for Your Thoughts. Story Overview Vezska, a member of the Golgari Swarm, came upon a discarded magic item on her travels throughout the Undercity of the Tenth District. She surreptitiously had the item identified as a vial of thought capture, an item allows the user to encode and store thought strands. As a findbroker, Vezska takes discarded items and resells them to surface dwellers. Once she determined what she had, Vezska put out to her network that she was in possession of the item and got a prospective client within hours. The client promised a handsome sum of zinos (gold pieces) to Vezska but had a catch – the vial had to be delivered to them with three specific thoughts already captured. Vezska accepted the deal, got the information from the client on the individuals and thoughts that needed capturing, and contacted the adventurers for help. The vial belongs to a powerful operative of House Dimir, the guild of secrets and spies. Its absence from its owner’s possession will not go undetected for too long… Level 2 Pregens will be provided.

D&D 5e Bi-weekly homebrew campaign

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This is a bi-weekly homebrew campaign not centered specifically around the Forgotten Realms setting.

D&D Beginning Player Adventure League Games

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Want to learn the basics of D&D? Play an entry level adventure for beginning players. Veteran players are also welcome to help teach new players. Be sure to check in at the counter to get your DCI account and Adventure League logs if you do not have them.

Table 1: D&D Levels 1-4 / Tier 1,

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• What we'll do We will run a level 1-4 adventure for tier appropriate characters. Do not sign up for more than one table. Any additional registrations will be deleted by date/time of sign up. • What to bring There is no charge for playing Adventure League games. Bring dice, pencil/pen, character (if you have one) and any books you need to reference for your character and abilities. If you need help with Dungeons and Dragons we will provide everything you need and instruction on how to play the game. • Important to know If you have any questions please contact me at [masked]

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