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Take the FIRST ANNUAL Miles & Minutes Challenge!

Let's see how many MILES and MINUTES we can rack up in JULY! We're having a friendly fundraising competition - along with a MILES and MINUTES competition! YOU get to pick your team. Choose the team that will help you take your fitness to the NEXT LEVEL. For example, if you've been averaging 10 minutes of physical activity per week, you might choose TEAM ONE. But if you workout regularly, you would choose TEAM TWO.

Want to enter your own team? You can do that too! Details coming soon!

TEAM ONE - GOAL: to achieve 30 miles or 300 minutes in SEPTEMBER.

TEAM TWO - GOAL: to reach 60 miles or 600 minutes in SEPTEMBER!

WINNING TEAMS will be determined based on two different categories: FUNDS RAISED, and average POINTS per PERSON. Every point you earn helps your TEAM WIN!!!

TEAM ONE: Calculate your points as 2 points per minute; and 20 points per mile.

TEAM TWO: Calculate your points as 1 point per minute; and 10 points per mile.

How it works: download the PLEDGES pdf and ask your friends, family, and co-workers to sponsor you for the month. They can pledge per mile or per minute. This is a great motivator to keep you going, and a great fundraiser for National Association for Physical Activity. All proceeds go towards providing Social Sports Clubs for special needs groups!

Saturday OCTOBER 2 we'll celebrate with a super fun all-inclusive Fuzzle-Ball GAME DAY!!! Stay tuned for details!

Wanna volunteer to help? We need you! Contact us right away!

Registration Fee of $49 includes a complimentary "SWEAT WITH BENEFITS" t-shirt, a Free Course about the benefits of physical activity, PLUS a FREE at-home workout challenge you can complete online to earn some or ALL of your points with fun easy to follow workouts!

The workouts in the 30/300 challenge help you EASE into fitness from your EASY-CHAIR and the workouts for the 60/600 challenge give you 6 different and fun workout formats for you to try out some new exciting ways to exercise!

REGISTRATION LINK for 60/600 team: https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/69232/enroll

REGISTRATION LINK for 30/300 team: https://app.ruzuku.com/courses/69233/enroll

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