Summer Racing in the Norwalk Islands!

Group Sailing at Sound Sailing Center/ Norwalk
Group Sailing at Sound Sailing Center/ Norwalk
Public group

Sound Sailing Center docks next to Sunset Grill

54 Calf Pasture Beach Road · Norwalk, CT

How to find us

We are next to Sunset Grill. Pull into Norwalk Cove Marina - do not enter the Beach. See our website:

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Our Summer Racing series starts on thursday June 27th at 6pm, and will continue on every thursday till Labor Day. Check back at 5pm if we need to cancel due to weather issues. Bring typical outdoor gear:

Sun tan or sun block lotion - must be greaseless - non-oily.

Sailing gloves - useful if there is wind.

Hat - a broad rimmed hat with ventilation is important.

Sunglasses - polarized if possible with 100% UV protection.

Clothes - simple, comfortable. The air over the water is often 20 degrees cooler. Bring extra layers. Long sleeves give protection from the sun. White shows dirt.

Foul weather gear - a light weight waterproof jacket or windbreaker for those occasional rainstorms.

Shoes - slit rubber soles or Harken style shoes work the best but any non marking sneakers (test against some formica) will be fine

Do NOT wear expensive jewelry, watches, or anything you would hate to see go overboard. Davy Jones is just waiting for your favorite stuff! Long fingernails may not last long. Long hair must be secured.