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Love to travel independently but still have people to socialise with? You've come to the right place!

My name is Helena and I'm an accredited Travel Agent based in London (but this is open to anyone, anywhere as we travel the world!) I arrange and host Independent Group Trips which allow like-minded people to mix the best of independent and group travel together!

You'll get access to discounted group rates, but as we create and host the trips, they can be completely tailor-made for you!

We have a unique concept called Solo Sharing - a middle ground between a Single Supplement and Twin Sharing, you will always have your own room, sometimes a single use room, sometimes your own room in a 2-3 bedroom apartment. This has enabled us to greatly reduce the price, while still giving you your own space.

Forget being herded around dusty old museums in groups of 50 following a flag! Our activities are full of Insta-worthy adventures and once in a life-time experiences. We have the perfect balance of staying a few days in most destinations; each itinerary has a great mix of cities but not so many that you're constantly packing and checking-in.

All of the logistics are taken care of and I book AND host the trips so everything is smooth sailing... we even include a local SIM card so you can keep in contact with us and with your family and friends at home.

We have 3 amazing trips running in the second half of the year:

- Scandinavia from the 27th of July

- Greece & Spain from the 26th of August

- South Africa from the 18th of November

To find out more about our unique trips, have a look at our website: https://www.travelexecs.com.au/grouptravel

If you have any questions I'd love to hear from you, my email address is helena.mcginty@travelexecs.com.au

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