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How to Help Yourself or Someone Else Get Over a Traumatic Experience
Painful things that happened in our past can have a profound effect upon us. Have you ever had a loved one pass away? Have you ever been through a terrible relationship? Have you ever lost a job, a position, or a business? Have you ever lost a pet, a house, or something dear to you? Have you ever been traumatized by the association with certain people? Have you ever been severely injured or heavily drugged? If you have, then you know how damaging these experiences can be on a person's emotional well being. In fact, even thinking about these incidents can be mentally painful. Time, unfortunately, is not the great healer it has been cracked up to be. That's why it's so important that you come to this special class and find out what you can do to help yourself, or someone you care about, to become mentally free of these incidents. Come to this special free class and find out about the mental technique that has helped tens of thousands of people FULLY get over their traumatic experiences. Everyone is welcome. The class starts at 7:00 pm sharp, so don't be late!

Dianetics and Scientology Life Improvement Center

3825 Marconi Ave. · Sacramento, CA

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    Do you have anxiety, stress, depression, or had too many losses?

    This group can help.

    I've decided to start a meetup group in my area to meet more people and let them know about the drug-free ways in which they can overcome these often life crippling effects.

    The purpose of our group is to help people to understand what is going on when they experience stress or anxiety or have a traumatic loss and how to overcome it without the use of prescription drugs.

    If you are interested in handling depression, anxiety or stress for yourself or another and you don't want to see a psychiatrist or take medications then this is the group for you.

    Call Tony at (916) 519-5287 for more information.

    Member-to-member Connections: In all of our meetup events, the first hour is a class about self improvement, and then afterward the members will break into individual discussions about the specifics of their issues and situations.

    Affiliation: I'm a Buddhist as well as a member of the Church of Scientology. I have searched various methods for solutions for my own difficulties and emotional issues, and finally the one place I've observed where people actually learned effective self improvement tools, and where people really changed their lives to the better, was the the local non-profit organization, the Church of Scientology. It is where I do volunteering work nowadays, and it is also where the meetups for this group will take place.

    Activities: We'll have weekly meetup events where members can attend. The class part of the meetup events usually will be lectures about how to overcome traumatic experiences or how to better relationships.

    Interests: We're interested in learning about self improvement, and receiving and giving support for each other.

    Membership requirement: Members must be interested in self improvement and in taking actions to do something about ones' own conditions.

    Intention: My intention is to provide support for people who would like to DO something about their depression, anxiety, or stress. My intention is NOT to have a group where members pity each other and then do nothing.

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