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Due to many reasons I'm ending the group of 8 Meditation. I'll list some of the reasons here.

1. Having massive successes with environmental legislation that I've been working on is keeping me joyfully busy.

2. I'm gonna focus on my other meetup, an environmental group that focuses on personal growth through public speaking called:

Speak For A Change -Hawaii Environmental Toastmasters Meetup

3. I have achieved oneness and have no need for meditation any longer.

4. J/K! I highly recommend AlohaSangha if you're looking for a great meditation group to join! https://www.alohasangha.com (https://www.alohasangha.com/)

Hope you all have a happy new year! Please stay in contact, it has been wonderful getting to know all of you!
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Welcome, seekers of inner peace!
The purpose of Group of 8.
Meeting in groups of at most eight to rebuild our communities after the quarantine. By keeping the groups small we allow each member to be heard and validated.

This Group of 8 meditation group is focused on self growth through meditation, and community building via group discussion.
Meetings will be every week (virtually for now) in groups of at most eight, to meditate and to talk story, share ideas and plans to make the world a better place.

Who should join?
Anyone who is interested in meditating, or guiding a meditation.

What will an event be?
Currently online via Zoom
Introduction, Opening meditation, followed by a short group discussion, and then a closing meditation

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