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Molecular gastronomy
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I'm interested in learning molecular gastronomy (think Alinea, El Bulli, MiniBar, etc.), but don't have all the equipment and ingredients and would like to find people who want to learn (I suppose mostly by trial-and-error), or who can teach it!

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    Cooking Classes,Cooking, Recipes, Dining Out, Walking Food Tours and the list goes on... This group does anything and everything culinary related. I am a professional chef and hold all types of events from professional cooking classes to informal cooking events at my home. We dine out at high end restaurants, as well as restaurants that offer $20 all you can drink brunches. I am not elitist - good food is good food - no matter the ambience!!! I love exploring International cuisines - here you will get to explore the cuisines of the world - from Suriname to Kenya!!! I try to hold a large variety of events so there is something for everyone - no matter what your budget or culinary interest is!!!

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