What we're about

If you are interested in improving your life AND having a greater positive impact on the world, Group Genie may be for you! At our meeting, you can: get support for your personal goals, build skills, do networking, and celebrate progress and life appreciations. You also can help our creativity team to develop new and powerful methods to help humanity. Some people help through special skills they have (for instance, graphic design or acting in a video) but most people can help by testing out and using some of the powerful tools already created or in development.

Tim Cimino, the founder, has invented a wide range of materials. Many are self-help and skill-building materials; but others help people do more good; become political empowered (nonpartisan); or develop a more world-sustaining lifestyle.

A big theme that we encourage people to reflect on is the question, "What is the best, most loving use of my time and life?" Tim's answer to that question is to create powerful new methods that can be used around the world. Other people can help his work, and can often improve their lives and help others -- all at the same time!

Much more information and many materials can be found at GroupGenie.Org.

Here's Tim describing the meet-up format (4:04)


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