• Batopilas Mexico

    Needs a location

    My company is going through an acquisition in July. Won't be able to take time to ride to Batopilas this year, so pushing out to next spring.
    Floating the idea of a ride down to Batopilas, Chihuahua, Mexico. Looking to see if there's interest for once the C19 thing is at a significantly reduced level. So the dates and duration are estimates. I'm really trying to gauge if there is interest in such a ride. Likely the duration would be 16 days to account for a some high mileage days along with the ability to stop along the way and "smell the roses."
    [masked] Update: When to go? As I mentioned, "once the C19 thing is at a significantly reduced level," and by that, for me that means a few things: a) I am fully vaccinated; b) everyone else that joins is fully vaccinated; c) daily confirmed infection rate is below some yet to be determined figure in the US; d) same as "c" for Mexico; and e) all of that coincides with the appropriate season as in both temperatures and rainfall.

    I'd expect that once the above conditions have been met, that we'd have more conversation about what kind of preparation might be required. Additionally, I notice that many who have shown interest in the ride prefer "short & all day" rides.

    Info about Batopilas: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Batopilas,_Chihuahua

    Mexico Tourist Card: https://www.ivisa.com/mexico-blog/how-to-obtain-an-fmm-card-for-mexico
    Temporary Vehicle Import Permit: https://www.mexpro.com/mexico/vehicle-import-permit.html

    After an amount of research, this looks like the best inbound route. I expect this to take 3 days of riding that will give us the opportunity to "smell the roses." https://goo.gl/maps/noCHrZJZVJLPn8vRA

    What You Need To Know AND Do Before Driving To Mexico
    Check out this video of a portion of the route to Batopilas.