• Spain: Tour of Iberian Peninsula (Jun 29-Jul 4, 2019)

    Spain: Tour of Iberian Peninsula !! (where modern meets medieval) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Dates: 6/29 to 7/4/2019 (from Barcelona) Lead: GRF instigator is Paul B (https://www.meetup.com/GroupRides/members/14313734/). But this is a Self Guided Tour with GPS. Route: Spanish & French Pyreenes over many mountain passes. Through tunnels and along rivers and canyons to mountainside villages along the way! Ballpark cost depending on bike and gear rental is around $2500. For this price you can get a BMW XR1000 with helmet including GPS and insurance and a single room. Smaller bikes are available and double occupancy will reduce cost. Cost Includes all accommodations and breakfast Rider is responsible for Lunch Dinner and Gas Air fare not included LINK: https://www.hispania-tours.com/individual-motorbike-tours/barcelona-and-pyrenees/tourinfo/ Website booking doesn't work well. Needs to be done by email. The details to send them are on their reservation page. They then send a confirmation page to accept a deposit. Norwegian Airlines flies direct from Oakland to Barcelona. When you sign up, you'll be put on the waiting list until you confirm your booking. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ WHAT TO DO: • RSVP. Space is limited. • PM/Email Paul B. your email and cell number. • Schedule your time off. • Book your tour. Get confirmation. • Book your flight. • Get your papers in order (passport, visa, vaccinations, etc) Example of past trips → https://www.meetup.com/GroupRides/events/234349973/

  • Ride the Alps (Jun 29-Jul 7, 2019)

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    6-day 1,120-mile ride through the the Austrian, Swiss, and Italian Alps. Start/end in Munich. Guided by Adriatic Moto Tours. Estimated cost $6,000 ~ 7,800 for flights, tour, and everything http://www.adriaticmototours.com/Guided-Tours/top-of-the-alps/Overview/ The tour can accommodate 9 riders. We have asked them to reserve 8 bikes for us until Nov 1, 2018. Paid deposit will secure your spot on this trip. Send Ich a PM with your email address and phone number so we can keep you up to date with documents/announcements. When you sign up, you'll be put on the waiting list until your deposit is in. TO DO: • PM Ich your email and cell number • schedule time off • book your tour, specify you're with the group "Music Man" • pay the tour company 300 € deposit • book your flights • get your passport in order 2017 trip → https://www.meetup.com/GroupRides/events/234349973/

  • Arnold/Murphy

    Starbucks, Livermore

    Meetup at 8, KSU at 8:30. Arrive with a full tank and bring water and snacks. Here are the routes for morning and afternoon. This is a pretty long ride, so the speed will be a little bit spicy, which makes the ride not newby friendly. We will get back to Livermore around 5 or 6 in the afternoon. I will check for lunch spots in the next week or two. https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13677608 https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13677607

  • Cornering School "Day 1" (Stockton)

    Little 99 Raceway

    Reserve your spot !!! https://www.superbike-coach.com/portfolio-item/cornering-school-day =========================================== Another Cornering Course at Little 99 Raceway (http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&hl=en&q=1658+South+Airport+Way%2C+Stockton%2C+CA%2C+us) 1658 South Airport Way, Stockton, CA. This class is part of Street Rider Training on a Track (Cornering Day One). Did you know that the US Air Force "Beal base in California" announced Coach Can Akkaya as their official trainer? Please read cancellation policy on Superbike Coach web site in case of rain, etc. This is not an official group ride to or from the Raceway. But riders are welcome to arrange amongst themselves to go in groups :-) (use code "GroupRides" and receive 10% off) * * * You must register here >> https://www.superbike-coach.com/portfolio-item/cornering-school-day * * * Cornering School – Day 1 Dealing with fears Viewing and focusing Shifting and gear choice Ideal Lines and judgement Maximum braking and rear brake usage Day 1 will harmonize your bike control with body and soul. Day 1 and 2 are steps- NOT levels, which are important for even very experienced riders. Headcoach Can will sign your ‘Certificate of Completion’, which qualifies you for Day 2. It’s totally on you if- and when you move on with Day 2. We are ready when you are. Never been on a track? You’ll be excited about our Cornering School Day’s; We will teach you very specific Moto GP riding techniques, like trail braking. In cooperation with the Little 99 Raceway in Stockton we finally have a facility in central California to offer rider coaching on a high level- for a low price. Other schools using the word “advanced”- Superbike-Coach does advanced! Suitable for Street riders. All skill levels (we run 3 level groups)Riders who are up to do their first track day All categories of motorcycles. If you’re tired reading books about it. If you want to be the better rider! If you have any questions, please post here and Coach Can will respond.

  • Laos Dirty Motorcycle Tour (7 days)

    Needs a location


    Yes. It is on. Tour date: March 9 - 15, 2020. We need to fly in at least 2 days for jet lag and stay at least 1 days before flying back to the States. 30% deposit required to Tom V. by September 5th, 2019. By check or Paypal. The balance due by January 5th, 2020. No payment accepted in Laos! Ich will help to put together a complete itinerary like the old 2 tours. Thanks A Million. Please check out the tour itinerary. https://www.indochinamotorbiketours.com/tours/laos-offroad-motorbike-tour-from-luang-prabang-to-phonsavanh.html Thank you.