• Arctic Circle & Jasper National Park, Canada (6/28-7/11/20; KSU Seattle, WA)

    Ride to Arctic Circle & Jasper National Park June 28 to July 11, 2020 KSU from Seattle, WA Cass (https://www.meetup.com/GroupRides/members/8342740/) and his lovely wife "Bruna" are planning to ride up to the arctic circle (via dempster highway) and visit Jasper national park on the way back. This is a once in a lifetime experience. This is an adventure pace (shall we say endurance riding?) - a pace you can maintain riding all day for 2 weeks. They will try to stay in hotels when available and camping in designated campgrounds or where it's safe, depending on riding conditions. Here are some details and expectations to help you decide if this road trip is for you: - Itinerary and hotel reservation information, compliments of Ich → http://ichabod.site44.com/arctic/index.html - The ride starts in Seattle, Washington and ends in Jasper National Park. You can tow your bike from Bay Area, or fly and get a rental in Seattle or ride the darn thing all the way - - - as you wish :-) - You will cross the Canadian boarder, visa maybe required depending on your passport. - The ride can be rough and summer in the arctic can be challenging. - Best to start with new_ish tires, or with last at least 5K miles on them. Recommend tires that can ride on dirt/mud and pavement. - Expect at least 4 days of dirt roads (possibly mud). - Your gas tank + auxiliary fuel must have at least 260 mile range. Gas stations are far apart. - Tent/camping and cold weather gear. Temperature may drop below 40. Also, there's 2 days of camping in Jasper national park or for unforeseen circumstances. - Bear/Bug spray, first aid kit. - Waterproof riding gear from head to toe. - There's no support vehicle and cell phone coverage is poor. Cass will rent a Satellite phone for the group for emergency purposes. - Tool kit to make repairs or fix a flat. 12V air pump or lots of CO2 cartridges. - If your bike becomes inoperable and cannot be fixed for any reason and you are not in a life threatening condition you are expected to turn back with the tow truck. - You will need to take care of your hotel reservation when you sign up by contacting the hotels shown in itinerary above directly. - In person Q&A and logistics meeting will be held later. +++++++++++++++++++ • Homework: Please read these important stuff → https://tinyurl.com/GRF-Etiquette • Here's how you can support "GroupRides" → http://www.meetup.com/GroupRides/pages/Support +++++++++++++++++++