• Dusk and the City: Spooky San Francisco Ghetto Night Ride ~ Sat 10/26 (3:00PM)

    Dusk and the City: Spooky San Francisco Ghetto Night Ride! <<< see details, trailers, photos, videos and route info at this link: http://www.GroupRides.co >>> =========================================================== Everyone's favorite ride!! We will be riding the hills, peaks and valleys of everyone's favorite city. We’ll zip through the ghettos, pass the mansions and view the scenery very few people get to see in a year let alone in a single evening. • When: Saturday 10/26, arrive 3:00 PM (for coffee, gossip and group hugs); KSU 3:15 PM. Come early if you plan to have a late lunch or an early supper. There will be no dinner stop, except coffee/snack stop at a coffee shop. We won't make a gas stop, so let's start the ride with a full tank and an empty bladder :-) • Pace: Not fast. Not too slow either. Just right :-) • Gear: Head to toe. • Motorcycle: Yes, please bring one with you ;-) • Route: Streets of San Francisco ;-) +++ SPACE IS LIMITED. IF YOU ARE ON WAIT LIST, PLEASE CHECK BACK THE NIGHT BEFORE THE RIDE TO SEE IF SOMEONE HAS CANCELLED AND OPENED A SPOT FOR YOU +++ +++++++++++++++++++ • Homework: Please read these important stuff → https://tinyurl.com/GRF-Etiquette • Here's how you can support "GroupRides" → http://www.meetup.com/GroupRides/pages/Support +++++++++++++++++++

  • Special Event: Custom Fit Ear Plugs & In-Ear Speakers, Thu 11/21 (Sunnyvale)

    “GroupRides” and “Santa Clara Cycle” Present: Custom Fit Ear Plugs & In-Ear Speakers Event • Who: Marylin Navia, Certified Audiologist, www.PlugUp.com • When: Thursday 11/21, 12:00 noon - 8:00 pm. • Where: Santa Clara Cycle Accessories, 993 E. El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, www.santaclaracycle.com Tel [masked] _ _ _ _ _ Friends, There has not been an International Motorcycle Show in the Bay Area for some time. California’s only IMS in 2019 is in Long Beach. Why does this matter? Well, those who went to the Bay Area IMS got a chance to all see sorts of vendors and moto related goodies, products or services that are not always available in local brick-n-mortar stores. One of my favorite vendors is Marylin Navia, a certified Audiologist (www.plugup.com) who makes custom fit ear plugs and in-ear speakers. I have been using her products for over 12 years and can tell you they are a lot more comfortable to wear (under your helmet) for hours and hours than other “hard” earplug products costing 50%+ more. I have both PlugUp.com (Marylin’s) and BigEar.com which I paid a lot more for, and I only wear PlugUp’s “soft” earplugs. My more expensive BigEar “hard” earplug sits on a shelf gathering dust. “So what?” you may ask. First of all, GroupRides members get a 10% discount on PlugUp products when you use “GR10” group discount code. But this year, on her way to Long Beach IMS, Marylin has agreed to make a STOP in the Bay Area just for GroupRides. Basically, she’ll fly a day earlier than planned. Arrive at SFO. Spend a day here, and then get on a flight for Long Beach IMS. There is a catch, however. To make sure she can cover the cost of flight to SFO (airfare, lodging, etc) she needs a certain number of confirmed orders. So, if you are interested (really interested) in getting a custom ear plug, or an in-ear custom speaker, place a pre-order on PlugUp.com. Pick the custom product(s) that you want, and then submit a 50% deposit at check-out using code “GR Deposit”. If there are enough confirmed orders (i.e., deposits) then we are set. If there aren’t enough confirmed orders, then we scrap the plan and all deposits will be refunded. But please RSVP if you think you might stop by. And if you feel you would like to order something, place your pre-order and send your deposit. • Timing: Her flight has to be booked and finalized few weeks before the show so by early to mid October we will know if PlugUp.com will make a Bay Area stop. Again, if there is no trip, all deposits will be refunded. • Long Beach IMS: Those who are going to IMS in Long Beach can see her at the show and take advantage of 10% group discount. • About our hosts: Greg Scheid and Doug Scheid (Father & Son) own and operate Santa Clara Cycle Accessories. SCC has been a fabric of Bay Area motorcycle community for over 20 years. They have agreed to host this event, and even extended their usual closing time to 8 PM to accommodate us. So, if you ever wanted the perfect fitting listening ear plugs, this is your opportunity to get one. See you at SCC for this event and for all your Moto needs. Cheers, Mehran +++++++++++++++++++ • Homework: Please read these important stuff → https://tinyurl.com/GRF-Etiquette • Here's how you can support "GroupRides" → http://www.meetup.com/GroupRides/pages/Support +++++++++++++++++++

  • South Laos Caravan, Dirty Motorcycle Tour (Mar 9 - Mar 15, 2019)

    Ubon Ratchathani International Airport


    We will be using Oil Moopha Rider as our Tour Group. They are located in Thailand and have extensive experience in Laos. There are several YouTube videos of some of their rides. We are riding the Southern part of Laos and expect cooler weather than the North. This ride adventure is organized by Steven Chin, Ich, Steven Gau, Michael Lund. Steven Chin and Gau are our group leaders. When: March 9, 2020, add days for travel. Duration: 7 days for tour, 6 days of riding with the last day for travel. Additional days for air travel and jet lag days is dependent on each rider. Destination Cities: Flying into Bangkok, then short flight to Ubon Ratchathani. Bus ride across Laos border to Pakse. Other cities to include: Champasak, Niagarahrs, Mueang Khong, Khon Phra Pheng, Sukuma City, Moon La pa Mok, Muang Saen, Muang Sanam Chai, Muang Attapeu, Mueang Pak Song, Thung Wai Homestay, Sa pong-lai Sa-pha, Muang Pak Song, Mueang thateng, Tad Lo-Tad Hang-Tad Pha Sium, Tad Phan, Salamanca Town and Mueang Khongxedone. Cost: $1250, tip suggestions are in website link. Deposit of $510 is due on September 15, 2019. Payment information will be sent to you via email. What is included: - passport fees for border-crossing - Visa treatment fee at Thai Immigration Bureau, so the Visa will not be lost on date of entry to Thailand - Laos tour fee according to Laos tourism regulation - Laos tour guide fee, can speak English - Accident Insurance, 1,000,000 baht - Car service and oil (care navigation) - All meals according to program - 6 nights stay, 2 people per room per night (single room rooms pay more according to the schedule) - Accomodation fees, team work, staff guides - Car ferry fee and car boat crossing the MeKong River - Sightseeing fee in Laos throughout th trip - Laos officials travel Laos Tourist Police (very important) - Water and snacks during travel, cold cloth - Ubon Airport rental shuttle - Cross-check fees, in case of crossing the motorcycle both Thai and Laos - support vehicle Motorcycle (Honda crf250l) we have asked for several bikes to be adjusted to a lowered seat height. What is not included: Airfare + Travel Insurance + Tips + Personal expenses. At this time, the tour group will be handling the Visa required for Laos. Thailand has a Visa requirement for visits over 30 days. Need two additional passport pictures available. * Brief Itinerary: Day1 - Ubon Airport - Chong Mek, Wang Tao - Pakse - Champasak - Prasat wat Phu Temple Day 2 - Champasak - Don Talat - Khon Phapeng Waterfall - Mueang Khong - Mueang Saen Day 3 - Mueang Khong - Mueang Saen - Sa-nam Chai City - Attapeu Twon - Pak Song Day 4 - Thung Wai Homestay - Xe Pong Lai - Xe Pha - Mueang Pak Song Day 5 - Pak Song - Tad Lo-Tad Hang - Pha Saul waterfall - Sa bai dee Resort Day 6 - Tad Fan Waterfall - Tad Young Waterfall - Sa la wan Town - Muang Khong - Pakse Town Day 7 - Pakse - Wang Tao - Chong Mek - Phu Pho - Ubon Temple - Ubon Airport ____________________________________________________________ Ich will maintain trip information on a webpage with pertinent trip information for easy reference. Additional details and information will be provided through posts here, email and informational meetings. There are plans for additional days after the Laos tour for Thailand. Let us know if you are interested. Thank you.