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Grow. Lead. Succeed. is a personal and professional development group aimed at helping individuals reach new heights in their professional and personal lives. As with anything in life, it is the constant pursuit of improving ones self in that area that allows us we reach new heights and defy our preconceived limits. With the Grow. Lead. Succeed. Meetup group, gather together with like minded individuals for networking opportunities, workshops, talks and the exploration of new topics and techniques that aid in personal and professional development. Some of the topics this group will explore include: - Personal Development - Self Confidence - Achievement - Goal Setting - Success with money - Business & Professional Success - Business Marketing - NLP - Personal Growth Techniques - Meditation - Masterminds - Online Marketing - Success in any area of life - Overcoming obstacles

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Adding Magic to Your Business



Be the Business 80 years ago, when 500 highly successful businesspeople were asked about how they achieved success, there was a common thought among them: you become what you think about. This has been echoed by successful person after successful person up until today, and it brings up something about running a business that is often overlooked in courses and coaching. Having your business grow is not always dependent on what you’re doing, but what you’re focussed on. That is, if you worry about what’s going wrong, then you create more of that. If you focus on what’s great, you create more of that. In other words, much of your success in business isn't actually based on what you're doing. It's been shown that two people can do the same job in the same area with the same methodologies, resources, and budgets and get completely different results. This means that you could run a business following the best practices and still run it into the ground, but also that you could "wing it" and succeed greatly. There’s also another element: your subconscious beliefs. These beliefs hold you back and you aren’t even be aware that they are affecting your business. When you identify what these beliefs are and make a decision to change them, your business changes with them like magic. In this class you will be clearing your beliefs on why your business isn’t growing or growing fast enough, why your strategies fail or succeed, why you’re not attracting enough customers or the right customers, etc. These beliefs will be tackled and removed right in the class so that you can step up the success of your business right away. You will be shown techniques to stay in a more positive mindset to keep creating better results for your business and your life, and ways to become aware of when it's your beliefs that are causing problems in your business and not what you're doing.. There also will be some procedural techniques on creating a successful business. Topics will include: – Using pulling vs pushing energy to attract clients – Stepping into non-judgement when interacting with people – Attracting the right partners and staff – Creation vs Competition – How Authenticity trumps sales gimmicks – Valuing yourself to attract premium clients – and more I have used these techniques to quadruple my sales year over year. Imagine seeing similar, or even better, results in your life. The Investment: First time adults $300 + HST Early Bird (by Jan 31st) $250 + HST Level 2 Grads $200 + HST Repeating Course $150 + HST Youths 15-18 years old can attend for $150 + HST Kids under 10-14 can attend for free. Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/adding-magic-to-your-business-tickets-53980680669

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