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Educate, Facilitate, and Advocate. This is a group for anyone interested in successfully growing a Federal or state government contracting business as part of your business strategy. Learn new techniques and best practices, meet industry experts and connect with teaming partners. We will offer educational events and networking activities to share experiences and benefits of growing your business through state and federal contracting opportunities.

Our focus is on a CRAWL, WALK and RUN method of education in the government marketplace. The government is the largest customer in the world spending over $5 billion each year with the private sector and you should be selling your product or service in this multi-billion dollar industry. If you are qualified and capable, or if you are not at the moment, we can show you how... Our experience and commitment will provide the valuable insight your company needs to build successful contracting relationships; both now and in the future.

This group is for business owners who want to create multiple revenue streams. If you have an existing business and want to expand in to the government marketplace, or a business already securing contracts and would like to secure more, then this group is for you. Do you speak Governeese? We help you understand the language of government agencies, what they are looking for and how it can apply to your business.

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