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HSP Mentors’ Consult and Support Group
This is the first meeting of an ongoing support and learning group for those of you who are Mentors to other HSPs. It’s a place to discuss your mentoring work, share ideas, receive guidance and get the support you need as a person and professional in order to provide HSPs with relevent, effective and HSP-friendly mentoring. Ideally, you should have attended the Mentoring training provided in October, or a subsequent training with us before you join this ongoing group. As HSP Mentors you may be working with adult individuals, or with parents of highly sensitive children, or professionals who often have sensitive people in their care. Very careful discretion and respect for privacy is required by all participants, since the important work and the business of participants may be discussed. Sessions are two hours and fifteen minutes, with a short break in the middle for tea/coffee etc. Please note this group is for HSP Mentors only, it will not substitute as a therapeutic supervision group for therapists, although if you happen to be a therapist who also mentors, that is fine. [NB: If you need some space to be nurtured on a personal level, and you are supporting HSPs in some professional or in-depth way, such as in therapy or in your work in another helping or educational profession, you can access our ‘Nurturing the Numinous’ days, please take a look at our calendar of events :) ].

Annadell, Clatford Lodge, Anna Valley,

Hampshire, SP11 7DH · Andover

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Welcome to our HSP Hampshire Meetup :). You may be thinking of joining us because you feel you've always been a bit 'different'. Maybe things affect you more than they appear to affect others and you have a sensitive nervous system? Perhaps you'd like to meet up with some people who are like you, not different from you? Have a look at Dr Elaine Aron's website at HSPERSON.COM and see some of the traits that make up sensitivity. Highly Sensitive People tend to be careful of feeling too overwhelmed or overstimulated by the usual social chatter, noise and expectations of social interaction which is why we create the chance to meet others in a relaxed setting, it is for fun and info. Come along and stay for the whole time or leave early if you need to - we do understand. It's not a 'therapy group' but you may find it supportive being around others who are taking a positive approach to their sensitivity and meeting similar challenges to you.

I look forward to meeting you and hope that you will enjoy meeting more people like yourself. We try to meet in locations that match our sensitive nature. There is a yearly fee for members of £10, renewable in June each year - if joining before June then, please multiply 83p by the number of months until June and pay that in the first year. You can pay this by Paypal to Alternatively you can pay by direct banking (email for details). After that, simply RSVP and pay for any event that takes your fancy. A full list of all our events UK wide is at

Thank you for joining us and I hope to meet you soon :)

Kind regards


Barbara Allen

Founder, National Centre for High Sensitivity (2010)

& Growing Unlimited Therapeutic Consultancy (2002)

Organizer: Growing Unlimited HSP Hampshire

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