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Welcome to our HSP UK Meetup :). You may be thinking of joining us because you feel you've always been a bit 'different'. Maybe things affect you more than they appear to affect others and you have a sensitive nervous system? Perhaps you'd like to meet up with some people who are like you, not different from you? Have a look at Dr Elaine Aron's website at HSPERSON.COM and see some of the traits that make up sensitivity. Highly Sensitive People tend to be careful of feeling too overwhelmed or overstimulated by the usual social chatter, noise and expectations of social interaction which is why we create the chance to meet others in a relaxed setting, it is for fun and info. Come along and stay for the whole time or leave early if you need to - we do understand. It's not a 'therapy group' but you may find it supportive being around others who are taking a positive approach to their sensitivity and meeting similar challenges to you. We hold quite a few Meetups in Hampshire and Cornwall, but also offer meetups from time to time in other parts of the UK and online. 
I look forward to meeting you and hope that you will enjoy meeting more people like yourself. We try to meet in locations that match our sensitive nature. We have now changed our membership requirement and removed the annual fee for membership and instead have increased the fee for each attendance at any event. Simply pay for what you attend. When you RSVP for events, you will be prompted to pay by Paypal to growingunlimited@hotmail.com. Alternatively you can pay by direct banking (email for details).
These meet-ups are sponsored and owned by Growing Unlimited Therapeutic Consultancy with the aim of supporting HSPs and to promote awareness of the trait. Thank you for joining us and I hope to meet you soon :) 
Kind regards  
Founder, Growing Unlimited Therapeutic Consultancy (2002)

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HSP Friday make-do supper - Pendeen £12

Lower Boscaswell


For HSPs who would like to meet in an informal setting :). Sit around the table and share food cooked by Barbara, share your thoughts, the joys and challenges of being highly sensitive and other topics, in gentle company. Event fee is £12. Supper, tea/coffee etc is provided free. Food will be prepared with whatever is in Barbara’s pantry on the night, hence ‘make-do supper’.

Special dietary requirements need to be indicated when you book, serious allergies may not be able to be catered for - if in doubt, please contact Barbara or bring your own ready-cooked food. Covid safety: Please do not attend if you are unwell with Covid or flu symptoms.

Parking available in car park opposite the corner shop at the top of the road, or along the main road in Pendeen. These are both a 5 min walk from the cottage down Boscaswell Road.

Event ends 8.30pm-ish. NB there are two little dogs on the premises.

Contact Barbara via Meet-up.com or on [masked], if you have any questions.

National HSP Gathering 2023 (ACTUAL DATE TO BE DECIDED)


NB: ACTUAL DATE TO BE CONFIRMED - (THIS DATE IS A GUESSTIMATE UNTIL WE HAVE FOUND AN AFFORDABLE VENUE WITHIN REASONABLE DISTANCE OF PUBLIC TRANSPORT): This is an initial announcement of our exciting Gathering for highly sensitive people here in the UK (please note the date indicated on Meet-up.com here is a guesstimate at this stage). It feels the right time to bring together a multitude of people in one place and one time in the UK, to bring awareness of SPS out from the background and into the foreground. Ideally it will be two days and will potentially include speakers from a variety of fields, education, health and well-being, workplace psychology and also speakers on the topic of parenting highly sensitive children. I would also like to have some creative people there who work within the arts to explore how we can bring more awareness about sensitivity through the arts, whether that is painting, film/TV, music or writing. I’m envisioning lectures, talks, a hub to explore current and future projects, discussion and training groups on various topics related to support, research, plus opportunities for HSPs or parents of HSPs to talk about empowerment and education of the sensitive population. Please RSVP to show interest, signing up to attend the conference will be via a different website once we have a date. Please feel free also to comment here or email me with any ideas :)


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HSP Meet-up - Andover £6 on the day

Annadell, Clatford Lodge, Anna Valley,