‘HSP Insight Retreat’ Weekend - come and join us! UK & International

Needs a location


A supportive, empowering weekend for highly sensitive people wishing to explore the challenges and joys of the highly sensitive trait, led by Barbara Allen (UK) and Annet de Zwart (NL). Both Barbara and Annet have worked nationally and internationally as facilitators and received advanced training from Dr Elaine Aron. They have many years of training and experience in supporting individuals and groups to discover the magic in being born sensitive. RSVP to show interest only. Opportunity to sign up and details of the fees and venue will be posted later.

DAY ONE - Over-stimulation - Understanding and meeting the challenge authentically.

DAY TWO - Empowerment - looking at the strengths of HSPs and how we can grow, reframe and maintain our sensitivity as a positive force.

Barbara and Annet’s bios to follow....