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A Look Under the Hood of a Multi-Million Dollar Funnel
Every business, be it a bricks & mortar retail store or a global technology company, has a marketing & sales funnel, yet all too often businesses fail to recognise, understand, design, and optimise theirs for successful growth. Want to know how Sidekicker, one of Australia & NZ’s fastest growing technology start-ups, built their funnel? Join Jessica Hackett, head of Sidekicker’s marketing division, as she takes us through the funnel; from defining what a funnel is, to providing actionable insights and ideas on how to design one at your business. Jessica will show you how to create a marketing and sales funnel that converts customers, keeps them highly engaged, and maximises ROI during the entire customer lifecycle. Seriously, this event is jam-packed with insights. --- WHAT WILL YOU LEARN --- - What is a ‘funnel'? - How each stage of the funnel is connected. - A deep dive and practical/actionable insights into: > TOP OF FUNNEL and building your brand (Channels, tactics, tracking & attribution) > MIDDLE OF FUNNEL and generating strong leads (Nurturing, retargeting, lead scoring & your SDR team) > BOTTOM OF FUNNEL and closing those leads (Conversions, CAC, sales & marketing relationship, and how to use your BOF data to optimise your TOF) > BELOW THE BOTTOM: What to do once you’ve closed the sale - When is your customer an ‘adopted customer’ - How to optimise your entire funnel to generate more of them --- WHO SHOULD ATTEND --- > Entrepreneurs with a focus on growth > Business owners wanting to take their business to the next level > Marketers and Growth Marketers looking to leverage content for their company > B2B Marketers > Anyone looking to make their marketing more impactful and ROI positive. --- WHO'S THE SPEAKER --- Jessica Hackett Jessica has worked in marketing and growth for over 10 years, heading up the marketing divisions at Sidekicker and The Urban List, as well as Pro Bono Australia. Sidekicker is Australia and New Zealand’s largest on-demand staffing platform, with businesses such as Uber, News Corp and Sofitel using the platform to find staff for temporary needs. Jessica has seen it all and has learnt from years of experience what to do, and more importantly, what not to do when it comes to content marketing and developing successful marketing and sales funnels. Join us on the 9th of October and listen to Jessica as she teaches you how to create a marketing funnel that drives growth and keeps customers sticking around for years to come. Please note we will share registration data with our event partner Academy Xi. If you would rather we didn’t please let us know.

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