• Growth Hacking Meetup #9 - Referral


    Dear friends, it's time once again! Maybe you've heard about this group through a friend - You've been referred to it? Anyways, that is what Meetup #9 is all about - Referral. (Get it?) How do you incentivize your customers to generate more customers for you? How can you draw the most benefits from it, what struggles are there and how the hack do you even do that? Rameez Okpalaugo will take you "low budget referral" - what tools did he use, what worked and what did not work. hiMoment's very own Christoph Schnedlitz will talk about the Ups the Downs and the fails of referral that occurred to him on his journey. When?[masked]:30-21:30 Where? WeXelerate, Praterstraße 1, 1020 Wien We are looking forward to interesting presentations and inspiring conversations in a growth-spurring environment. See you soon and keep hacking - GHoV

  • Growth Hacking meetup #8


    Meetup #8 is all about Retention - How the heck do you get your customers to stay with you? How do you build long lasting customer relationships? Daniel from ready2order will tell you about how they do customer retention - from the very first talk with a client. Valentin from Hackabu will present what their take is on customers not coming for a one-time job. When?[masked]:00-21:00 Where? ready2order, Treustrasse 22-24, 1200 Wien We are looking forward to interesting presentations and inspiring conversations in a growth-spurring environment. See you soon and keep hacking - GHoV

  • Growth Hacking meetup #7

    MeisterLabs HQ

    Hello there, fellow Growth Hackers! How do you get your customers to take action? How do you activate your prospects? Following last meetup it's time to talk about the next part of the sales funnel: A as in Activation Our host Silviu from Meister will talk about the challenges they faced in Activating their users and what they did to overcome them. Johannes from Herosphere will talk about activating your audience through reddit, a topic that has gone unmentioned in Austria for way too long. This time the meetup will be hosted by Meister, so meet us at their office: Mariahilferstraße 97/4, 1060 Vienna And as always: Be sure to stick around for some drinks and talks in a growth-spurring environment. Special guest: PIZZA! We'll be seeing you there!

  • Acquisition - Growth Hacking Meetup #6


    Hello there, fellow Growth Hackers! It's time for another meetup - this time on one of the "A's" in AARRR: Acquisition - How do you attract new customers? Our speakers Henry from Mimo and Andreas from Journi will tell us about their success stories in gaining new customers, their fuck-ups along the way and how they handled them - Providing you with great learnings for your future in business. Prepare for expert-level tips and tricks and get feedback on your problems! You can send in your question beforehand here: https://goo.gl/forms/dGpi1xaufM2O0L4H2 The meetup is going to take place in Space 12, first floor at WeXelerate. Be sure to stick around for some networking and personal talks afterwards! For the extra-diligent among you: Check out the Growth Hacking boot camp hosted by TheGrowthbase just one day after the meetup! https://thegrowthbase.com/growth-hacking-boot-camp/

  • The Growth Hacking Process - Meetup #5


    We are back! After a way too long break, Vienna's finest Growth Hacker Meetup is on again. This time, we will make a deep dive into the Growth Hacking Process. - What should a growth hacking process look like? - How can I establish such a process? - What are the elements I need to think about? These and many more questions will be addressed and obviously we want your input and further questions. We are proud to present our special guest Hendrik Lennarz from www.growthhackingacademy.de and author of "Growth Hacking mit Strategie: Wie erfolgreiche Startups und Unternehmen mit Growth Hacking ihr Wachstum beschleunigen" He will hold his bootcamp in Vienna the day after the meetup, so make sure to check it out: https://www.facebook.com/events/373858569737752/ Join us also on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GrowthHackersVienna/ Can't wait meet you all!

  • Meetup #4 - Special Edition - Limited Seats available.

    Our next Meetup will be a special one, don't miss it :) Firstly, it's the last one before our summer break. Secondly, we have 2 special guests from Belgium and USA. 1) Yannick Khayati - Trigger: Growth Hacking Agency | Managing Partner Trigger is a new Growth Hacking Agency in Belgium, the first one specialized in this domain. They offer workshops, consultancy & projects all focused on Growth & Conversion Rate Optimization. 2) Greg Leuch - Poncho Inc | Head of Product, former Head of Product betaworks HiPoncho is one of the most successful chatbots on Facebook Messenger & Kick. It emerged from a daily SMS about the weather to a full-featured chatbot. Topics that they will cover will be communicated here, looking forward to seeing you :) Seats are limited to 40 people. Location: Wikifolio HQ - Berggasse 31

  • Meetup #3 - Open Mic Night

    TheVentury HQ

    Hello Growth Hackers of Vienna, after 2 meetups that dealt with basics and metrics our 3rd meetup will be an open mic night. This is what you will get: Adrian, Berni, Jan & a special guest will answer all your (growth marketing related ;) ) questions. Wait, what do I have to do? Quite simple, submit your question to our google form in order to get a more in-depth answer, or just ask us a question at the meetup. Here is the form: https://goo.gl/forms/6DFXNSidr3Q6h3dI2 When?[masked] - 06:30 PM Where ? TBD Looking forward to your awesome questions Adrian, Berni & Jan

  • 2nd Meetup

    Anyline HQ

    Talk 1: Growth Hacking Basics • Metrics - The Core of Growth Hacking • Categories of Growth Hacks • What is viral & how do I measure it? Talk 2: Growth Hacking Tools • Tools for measuring your metrics Talk 3: Growth Hack • Clara Huet (MySugr) - Acquisition Channel Metrics & Findings

  • 1st Meetup - 3 Speakers - 3 Topics

    Location visible to members

    Hello GrowthHackers, we are very happy to invite you to the first "Growth Hackers of Vienna" Meetup. As mentioned in this meetUps details, this series strives to become a community of soon to be and current growth hackers as well as giving EPUs and interested people an insight on basic GH knowledge, GH processes + tools and of course real life growth hacks. This MeetUp Series is designed to have 3 parts á 20minutes each. Shedule 1st MeetUp: Goal: Get you up to speed on basic GH terms/characteristics and how you can use free tools to get basic GH knowledge + insights on how to grow a FB page to 11k fans, no money spent. 1) GrowthHacking Basics Adrian Zettl - "WTF is Growth Hacking" Basic Information about hrowth hacking (origins / how you can identify a growth hacker for your startup, company / AARRR Funnel and how the growth process works) 2) Growth Hacking Tools Bernhard Schaffer - "Get into your basic growth hacking mindset" Online Courses everybody in your company should finish in order to get a basic growth hacking mindset 3) GrowthHack Jan Hrubý - "From 0 to 11k Facebook Fans with €0" A case study on how to leverage your network and your analytical skills in order to grow to 11k Facebook fans with a €0 Budget. If you'd like to contribute to any of the three parts please or have a topic you'd like to see covered feel free to contact us.