• From 0 to 200.000 users in two years!!! Rasmus Savander, Dreams.

    Rasmus is one of the chief architects behind Dreams growth model and under his watch as the company's Head of Growth, Dreams grew from 0 to[masked] users in just two years. The fintech app is now in the pocket of one of six young Swedes, and has motivated its users in Norway and Sweden to save over 1 Billion SEK to date. Rasmus is currently running product development at Dreams, where he oversees engagement and asset growth. Prior to building up the growth function at Dreams, Rasmus was an early employee at Truecaller, the global caller ID service, which today amasses a userbase of over 250 million users. Rasmus holds a M.Sc. in Economics and Business administration with studies in Marketing, Design Business Management and Information Technology. Spaces is a proud sponsor of Growth Hacking Norway

  • Yara Paoli: How to Create a Growth Culture

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    Growth leader of 150+ people global teams across APAC, EMEA and AMERICAs. Currently building up an innovative growth methodology and an awesome team for Preply, the online tutoring marketplace. She was employee 32 at Skyscanner and she left when the company had over 1000 people and had been sold for 1.4 Billion British pounds. Her international experience of 15+ years covers the main aspects of building a successful growth organisation: growth enablement, change management, team optimisation and upskilling, scalability and sustainability, motivational framework implementation, impactful leadership, channel and product market fit assessment. She contributes to effective budget management and lead on the definition of a successful growth strategy so to reach target ROI, acquiring and keeping customers in target markets and adjusting a global approach to regional needs defining product market fit and a hierarchy of needs for the business in that region or market. She also has a 1st honour degree in Psychology and a master in Music communications. This helps her greatly in listening, understanding and working with people more effectively and shaping her leadership style approach to build an effective getting-stuff-done and friendly environment in the teams she has worked with. Meet other growth hackers and listen to one of the top experts in the world on growth.