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Sixth Grunn JS

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Martijn S. and Arnout K.


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19:00 - 19:10
Walk in, grab drinks and socialize

19:10 - 19:50 Devices, devices, devices with HTML5Test

Now that everybody builds responsive sites and mobile has become the new normal, are there still any weird browsers left? The latest generation of Smart TV's run on the same operating systems as our mobile devices. How weird can these browsers be? Perhaps Smart TV's aren't as smart as we all would like to think. But there are more weird browsers. How do game console handle your websites and are e-readers really capable of browsing the web?

Niels will try to give an overview of the problems you are going to face when you want to use some common JavaScripts APIs in these weird browsers and how you can get around some of these issues by using some defensive programming.

19:50 - 20:00
short break

20.00 - 20:40 Build for the web: Karma/Webpack
Remon Oldenbeuving: After setting up a new frontend testing environment for HackerOne Remon will share his findings and dive into the pros and cons of the different solutions out there (sorry for the big spoiler alert in the title of the talk ;-) ).

20.40 - ... Time to socialise, drink/snack and network.

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GrunnJS is a meetup for everything JavaScript. Want to present your latest hack, you can do it here. Anyone that does something or is interested in JS is welcome. Libraries, applications, neat features, client or server side can be presented and discussed.

Feel free to contact us for good ideas, talk/presentation suggestions can be submitted via wufoo ( so we can keep the meetups going.

Stationsweg 3f · Groningen
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