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16 de octubre: Casa de Anna.
Nos reuniremos en casa de Anna. Each attendee is requested a $10.00 attendance fee for this meetup, to be collected cash by the organizer. Update your RSVP in case your plans change. Puede hacer su reservación (RSVP) ahora mismo. Si se le presentan otros compromisos para ese día, simplemente modifique su RSVP a "No" antes de la reunión (very important: if, after having RSVPd you need to change your plans and won't make it to the meetup, kindly update your RSVP from "Yes" to "No" so that another member can take the spot you're leaving). ¡Gracias, y hasta pronto!

Anna's house.

1005 Hinman Avenue, 1N · Evanston, IL


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**** README.TXT ! :-)

¡Hola! ¡Gracias por su interés! We'd like you to read this, now that you are interested in joining our group. This is a fantastic group, and we work hard to keep it improving. What makes this group special is that we actively participate speaking Spanish. We meet to speak Spanish 100% of the time. ¡Hablamos solamente en español!

Be an active member. For reasons of efficiency, we keep only those members that participate actively, i.e., twice (or at least once) a month. Inactive members (those who don't attend at least one meetup in a month) may be removed after a long period of inactivity. We hope you like our group and attend the meetups regularly. You will be asked for a small attendance fee.

RSVP Etiquette: Your RSVP is taken as a clear confirmation of your attendance to a coming meetup. Thus, if you are not coming, it is expected that you let us know that. A simple RSVP:NO will remove the confirmation you previously sent. Courtesy is held in great esteem within this group,.

Perhaps you'd like to join us but won't be able to attend any meetup in the coming weeks? Send us a message telling us so. That way we will get acquainted.

¡Bienvenido a nuestro grupo de Conversación de Evanston!

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