What we're about

Gryp (pronounced grip) is an open and collaborative new live community for all video, photography and audio media creators based in Santa Cruz and Bay Area!

Gryp was named after the tough, hard-working production professionals on-set... aka "grips". We're a talented growing community of content creators, and creatives that passionately share knowledge, best-practices, gear, and we meet in-person (shocking right). Our young group is interested in sharing skills, building community, collaboration on media projects and supporting each other!

We actively refer new business to one another, support art + media creation as our core values. Co-working is a style we resonate with and we no longer need to work alone! Do join a local group and become an active part of the Gryp community! http://gryp.us

Past events (15)

Podcasting 101 + 201 at Nextspace Santa Cruz

NextSpace Powered by Pacific Workplaces

Instagram Facebook Story Creation + Syndication Tips

NextSpace Powered by Pacific Workplaces

Media Masters, Syndication Strategies for Photo, Video, Podcasting!

NextSpace Powered by Pacific Workplaces

Power of the POD - Podcasting Tips to Get Started

The Satellite Flexible Workspace & Digital Media Studio

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