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Preparations for wedding finally held, tomorrow is the wedding day, the married Eve, always avoid both nervous and excited, although everything is ready, also cannot let down, notice the day before the bride wedding, to help you in the best condition held the perfect wedding The final process review In front of a later marriage, should then tomorrow's wedding process think again, think there is nothing missing. Familiar with the whole process of getting married tomorrow, to avoid excessive tension wedding or time to rush the wrong program. Remind staff Before a late makeup artist and hair stylist reminds the arrival time and place, and confirm the makeup and hair tomorrow, so as to avoid out of time. In addition, the total person in charge to contact the reception, so that we have the best communication, let all the process smoothly. Marriage should food notice The day before the wedding should eat light food, avoid eating too much greasy or fried food, breakfast should eat simple meals such as: nutrition, sandwiches, egg, milk, tea, avoid Coffee or beverage, so can not sleep at night, also will have to eat dinner before bedtime, stomach bulge, difficult to fall asleep. In addition, should be avoided in ten after drinking too much water, so as not to get up early tomorrow, edema, taking pictures is not beautiful. Premarital beauty ready Before the day was the last blow beauty care, can focus on the hands and face. From the first face, with their most like usual mask, (but not the new products, so as to avoid skin allergies cause discomfort), to take a bath, can add inside fragrance, let the body relax, meet tomorrow's wedding, to the best state at last, certainly not less for axillary hands and feet, hair removal, so they have the most fair skin wear wedding. Lavender help induce sleep Although many bride that sleep is important, but tomorrow is their own marriage, always a little nervous, if really is too excited to sleep, can try to drink a cup of warm milk or chamomile tea, help sleep. In addition, sprinkle lavender aromatherapy spray on the pillow, can also ease the relaxed, sweet dreams. Adequate phone battery Many couples who dress and dress is appropriate, often neglected in some tiny bar. Before the mobile phone is charged, so there is plenty of battery, because the wedding day is up to 10 hours, mobile phone has plenty of battery, so as to maintain the close contact with the bridesmaids and friends. Private goods In addition to the wedding day makeup, bride should also bring some private goods, is his usual use, to prepare for possible period of want or need, such as the bride with wear contact lenses, should be a back-up contact lenses, eye drops preparation etc.. In addition, such as body lotion, in order to let her finish marriage procedure in the optimal state. Bring a small snack The day of the wedding the tight schedule, many didn't even have time to eat, bride owned some own like snacks, such as the most important biscuits, chocolate, dried fruit, is a little quantity, can be a stuttering, and doesn't mess up your lips, for the hungry can also be temporary charge of hunger.