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What is Osho Active Meditation?

Active Meditation is designed for emotional release, creating space within ourselves. We have a tendency to repress a lot of emotions, and these become trapped within our bodies causing stress, anxiety and restlessness. With these stuck in our bodies, we are unable to experience peace in body and mind.

​In Active Meditations, we work the body shaking out and releasing all these trapped energies so that we can experience stillness, moving naturally from action to relaxation.

For full information on Active Meditation, the stages and what to expect, please click and visit our Active Meditation Website Page (https://lecarrowfarmwellnesscentre.weebly.com/active-meditation.html)

Where and when are the classes?

The classes are regularly held in the Dublin Bikram Yoga Studio every Tuesday at 8.30pm. If you are joining for the first time, please arrive at 8.15pm. There are other classes held in Mayo/Galway but please contact us for any information or if you would like to organise a class in your area.

Who can come?

No experience is needed, we start from the beginning and the practices will be introduced carefully. However, if you are on any medication or have any medical or mental conditions, please contact your care provider to see whether this form of meditation is suitable for you. Please notify us if this is the case.

What should I bring?

Please bring comfortable clothing and water. There is no need for a yoga mat or other accessories.

Guidelines for class

There are a few guidelines for each class:

- Please arrive 10 minutes before class so that we can start on time

- Please place your mobile phone on silent and never bring them into the studio as it can disrupt the meditation

- We have a question and answer session at -the end of every class. You do not need to stay for the Q&A session but can leave as soon as the class has been completed

- If you decide to stay for the Q&A session, please be courteous and leave after a question has been answered or if there is a gap between questions


All our weekly classes are donation based. The suggested donation is €10 per adult and €5 per student.

About Ravi

Ravi has been inspired by Osho teaching and wishes to share this wisdom with others. Ravi has been guiding Osho Active Meditations in Dublin and facilitated retreats around Ireland since 2011 - he now wishes to offer this meditation to a wider group. Using Active Meditations and Advaita Vedanta (Nonduality), Ravi’s teachings focus on releasing body and mind from suffering and pain, helping people realise their natural state of peace.

He is a practicing Acupuncturist and Deep Tissue Masseuse in Dublin working daily with body and mind.

About John Gerard

John Gerard is practicing and training in Osho based meditation techniques and Advaita Vedanta (Nonduality) since 2011. He organises the Tuesday classes in Dublin with Ravi since its beginnings and hosts retreats and workshops around the country. After spending a number of years travelling and working in the fields of Business and Media, he is now living and running the farm in Lecarrow.
He works with individuals, groups and organisations bringing meditation and wellbeing programmes to meet their needs. He has a degree in Economics and Finance and is currently doing a Postgraduate in Workplace Wellness at Trinity College .

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