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Coming together in a group to meditate adds a whole extra layer to your experience. When people gather to get quiet & connect with themselves, the energy of the entire space transforms. You can only know this through direct experience so I invite you to come check it out for yourself! Each week, I will guide you through a meditation to relax your body, train you to let go of attachment to your thoughts, and calm your emotions. This process when practiced regularly will change your life! It will help you deal with conflict in a more relaxed state. It'll help you forgive and accept others for who they are. It will lead you to a state of peace and joy! Wear comfortable clothes, feel free to bring your own mat or blankets but blankets and pillows will be available to you

Soul Flow Studio

3095 El Cajon Blvd · San Diego, ca


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There are lots of anger and stress management classes out there. But would a doctor say to a smoker who is dying of lung cancer, "let's find ways to manage your smoking'. NO, right? So why are we teaching people who are suffering from anger, stress, and fear to manage it? Let's be bold and work towards ELIMINATING those energies that are harming us and the people around us!

Guided Meditations in this safe group will focus around you developing tools to move from fear, anger, and stress to a way of being that is peaceful, joyful, and happy. You will learn to increase your skill set of developing a state of being free from fear, anger, and stress!

No previous meditation practice is necessary for you will be lovingly guided through the process of going inside yourself for a self exploration process. Bring journal and writing utensil so that as insight comes forth in your mediation, you have the opportunity to document so you can reflect later.

If you are ready to ELIMINATE fear, anger, and stress from your life and really awaken to your true potential, this group is for you. Know that this is a process that requires practice, patience, and perserverence:) Happy Meditating!

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