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Tibetan Bowls & Guided Meditation at Awakening Wellness Center
A one hour Tibetan Bowl & Meditation with Lindy; focusing on relaxing the body, promoting stress reduction and allowing energetic healing of the body. The meditations are done to a background of Tibetan bowls, harp. Our "healing" Tibetan Bowls are part of our Meditations, these are heavier, hand hammered, large diameter bowls which produce very deep and penetrating tones, which deepen the state of relaxation and stress reduction. The Tibetan culture has used these bowls for centuries as part of their healing traditions, and science is only now discovering just how powerful they really are. Now, new and exciting research has shown that when these deep toned Tibetan bowls are played during Meditations - the combination enhances the positive effects several times over. These treatments are so effective that they have become part of the treatment protocols at some of the most prestigious health resorts in the country - where one treatment can cost hundreds of dollars. We feel privileged to offer almost the same level of treatment as part of our meditation gathering for a simple love offering (as always). So we invite you to come and treat yourself so a wonder-filled and totally nurturing event. Any stress from everyday living will leave you at the door - and you will leave feeling lighter and feeling more in-tune with who you really are. No special dress - come as you are, plenty of free parking. There is $5 to $10 love offering donation asked - and are greatly appreciated. We are a non-profit organization and all donations go to support the works of Center. To see a sample of what our center is like visit us at:

Awakening Wellness Center

6161 Dr Martin Luther King Jr St N · St Petersburg, FL

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Guided Imagery Meditation, music, and energy healing – have long been known to be extremely powerful techniques for stress reduction which in turn rejuvenates and heals the body. We offer all of this and much more every Monday Evening at 6:30 PM at Awakening Wellness Center, 6161 9th St N, St Petersburg. Whether you would like to reduce everyday stress in your life – or want to experience a boost to your body’s natural healing systems – come join us for one of our uplifting sessions. Be sure to visit our web site at ( to find out more about what we do.

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