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Native JavaScript modules- import {Browsers, NodeJs}; export {production};

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We invite to the next Meetup in Guidewire Kraków!

This time we have Serg Hospodarets onsite. He works as a Senior Engineering Manager based in Guidewire Dublin.

Serg loves the Web and shares his knowledge on his blog

JavaScript/CSS enthusiast, participates specifications debates and discusses new features with the community.
He likes to stay on top of the latest Web technologies and browser additions is an active participant in their development, standardization, and enhancement.
Involved in browsers/DevTools development. Check his github:

Talk description

Techniques to organize JavaScript code as modules started nearly from the beginning of the JS history and went from separate files, AMD/CommonJS formats to bundlers/transpilers.
Today all the modern browsers support native JavaScript modules and they are on the halfway to Node.js. It means it’s a perfect time to start using them.
This requires extending and optimizing the techniques we are bundling the JavaScript (aka ECMAScript, or ES) modules today, changing the workflow and the way the code is executed. Also, It brings the new tools to develop and debug the ES modules.
Today is possible to load script synchronously, on demand and publish them to production, making sure all the code still fully functional.
Expect from the presentation:
- Main differences between the native modules (comparing to the bundlers/transpilers approach) and how they work + features
- How the browser/Node.js engines load and execute them and why it took so long for ES modules to being implemented in the JS engines
- How to use native JS modules in production today
- The benefits, performance overview, pros/cons, and conclusions