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EC Stories London - Inflated Ambitions: Rafting in Afghanistan
As part of our commitment to the #AdventureRevolution, we host regular social events where a speaker from the EC community shares their latest adventure with us. Come along to meet like-minded people and get inspired! Currently in London and Bristol, we hope to be able to spread to more cities in the future. Everyone is welcome but tickets must be bought in advance from In 2015, Jonathan Rider and Edmund Le Brun rafted down the Oxus River in Afghanistan from its source in the Pamir Mountains to the border with Tajikistan. Having never rafted before the trip, Jonathan and Edmund’s talk hopes to show that, despite its difficulties, Afghanistan is a country with enormous potential for adventure. With the threat of a road from China being built through these mountains, this talk will also provide a brief – perhaps final – glimpse of a pristine landscape at an important crossroads in its history. They hope to shine a light on the history, people and animals who inhabit this wild landscape, and ask what impact a road could have on this fragile environment’s future. Everyone is welcome but tickets must be bought in advance from

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