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A meetup groups for photographers in the Guildford area who want to get together, take some photos, share a drink and improve their photographic skills. The group runs on two strands; a monthly photo walk (followed by an optional chat in the pub) and a monthly workshop to improve your photographic skills and understanding in a classroom / studio location.

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Workshop: Manual exposure for better photography

Guildford Institute


MANUAL EXPOSURE FOR BETTER PHOTOGRAPHY The workshop aims to put you in control of exposure. There are many situations when available light may fool your camera. When this happens, manual exposure can help. Backlit portraits and night-time city scapes are situations we all struggle with when our camera is set to automatic. But taking control with manual exposure settings can improve these and many other situations, along with your enjoyment of photography. We will take photographs, talk about photography and explore situations and camera (exposure) settings to help improve the exposure of your images. The workshop is divided into three sections: WHY CHOOSE MANUAL EXPOSURE, including: How the camera 'thinks' about exposure Why and when you may disagree with your camera's auto exposure Tricky lighting situations Artistic exposure options HOW TO CONTROL EXPOSURE, including: Use your camera's ISO, shutter and aperture settings to make the most of the light Viewfinder information to help you get it right Using the histogram (light graph) to review your results Camera buttons, options and settings Fully manual or semi-automatic exposure options (manual, shutter and aperture priority options) YOUR APPROACH TO BETTER EXPOSED IMAGES Build your approach to shoot manually exposed images quickly and confidently to improve your photography There will be ample opportunities to ask questions and to try out the ideas that we will be looking at. The workshop is open to anyone interested in improving their photography. However, it will be most useful if you have a camera that has manual and semi-automatic settings. Suitable cameras include most mirrorless, bridge and DSLR cameras. This workshop is not suitable for smart phone camera users (a dedicated workshop for iPhone photography will be held later in the year). About your tutor: Peter Merry has been teaching photography for a number of years, both to groups and on a one-to-one basis. He is a photographic judge for the Surrey Photographic Association and an active member of the Guildford Photographic Society.

Evening photowalk : Down by the river

High Street

This month we will be photographing down by the river, in the centre of Guildford. Your challenge will be to take 3 images of things that move. As with all photographs, you should think about the composition, your point of view and how the light can be used to build a good group of images. Your images may exaggerate the movement using a slow shutter speed, or freeze the movement with a quick shutter speed. There should be lots of interesting options down by the river. Maybe a boat making it's way along the river or a jogger running on the river bank. Whatever you find interesting will make a good subject. We will meet on Guildford High Street outside the Guildhall (opposite Tunsgate Arch) at 7:00pm and after brief introductions we will be on our way down to the river. I will be around to show you some interesting photo opportunities and to offer encouragement and help, should you need it. We will shoot until about 8:30 and then move into a local pub to see what we have managed to find and to have a chat and a drink. Hopefully you will make some new friends, have fun and improve your photography. I look forward to seeing you on the evening. Peter Merry

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Workshop: Introduction to Street Photography

Guildford Institute


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