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What we’re about

Meet other local atheists, freethinkers and skeptics. Gather to discuss beliefs and philosophies, and make new friends. Freethinker is defined in the Cambridge English Dictionary as, "someone who forms their own opinions and beliefs, especially about religion or politics,  rather than just accepting what is officially or commonly believed or taught."
We ask that you RSVP for events so we can have an idea of who is coming, and please RSVP to only one Meetup of the same event. A membership fee is not required however any assistance is appreciated through tips at the meetups. All donations will go to cover fees for this site. And please, if you decide to leave, be brave and tell us why. Finally, very little to any conversations go on on this site. It is just to announce Meetups. If you desire to banter, ask to join the Gulf Coast Freethinkers facebook private group and have at it. We look forward to seeing you soon!
This site is paid for the Humanists of West Florida. If you are interested us and regular activities and event join us on meetup at:
and our Facebook private group:
Join us and help us share your meetings, social events and outings by contacting us on this site. We do what others often don't, we have meaningful conversations and educate rather than indoctrinate. Learn about other resources for free-thinking families and individuals along the Gulf Coast, and get together and share.

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