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Gulf Coast GIS User Group
Gulf Coast GIS User Group
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Manatee Community Foundation

2820 Manatee Ave W · Bradenton, FL

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If the MCF parking lot is full when you arrive, please park only on one side of the street. Please do not block access to driveways, vehicles, mailboxes, or sidewalks. We appreciate you helping MCF maintain a good relationship with their neighbors.

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We will hold this quarter's meeting at Manatee Community Foundation. Join us to learn more about GIS, how your colleagues apply the science of where, and to build new acquaintances.

Gustavo Orozco - Environmental Cost/Risk Analysis for Oil and Gas Industries - Leased Parcels Acquisition Process
The analysis of environmental risks in oil & gas industries is an essential process in order to minimize the risk for environmental damage and social disturbances during the process of construction, extraction, and abandonment of oil and gas wells. The stage of leasing parcels for new oil and gas wells is one of the first steps towards the minimization of risks.

Countless disasters have damaged the environment and the quality of life for people, as a result the oil companies responsible have lost millions of dollars due to remediation, discredit, and depreciation of the stocks in the stock market.

The following project explores the steps to analyze and understand the complex relationships between a geographic space (lease parcel) and its elements.

Jeffrey Ryan - Social Information Systems: Using GIS to Drive Social and Economic Policy
Manatee County’s Department of Redevelopment and Economic Opportunity uses GIS to develop, plan, and implement community and economic development policy. GIS provides an critical platform for a range of activities, including strategic planning, climate change related social and economic vulnerability assessments, determining best uses for affordable housing and commercial parcels, and retail market analysis.

Jeffrey Ryan is a redevelopment coordinator for Manatee County. His professional interests include commercial corridor revitalization, inclusive economic development, climate change adaptation and mitigation, and affordable housing. Jeffrey Holds a Masters in Urban Planning and is a certified urban planner through the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP).